Hillary Just Got A Nasty Surprise From Kids Across USA & She’s In TROUBLE

All across the country, many schools like to celebrate election day by having their own events that teach the kids about their future civic duty. However, in the liberal states of New York and Minnesota, thousands of kids got a huge wake-up call after their leftist teachers started freaking out. The kids sent Hillary Clinton a nasty surprise, and it means big trouble for the Democrat candidate.

Hillary Clinton (left), Student at Jericho Elementary in New York (right)

Students at Jericho Elementary in New York didn’t understand when their social justice warrior teachers freaked out after the majority of kids wanted Donald Trump as the next president. This was totally unacceptable to the liberal instructors, and instead of telling the media the truth, the teachers “canceled” their mock election, which Trump was obviously going to win, telling the media that “negative rhetoric about minorities” caused the cancellation instead.

What was the “negative rhetoric about minorities” that made local ABC News reporters come down to report on this racist situation taking place in the Jericho Elementary cafeteria? It was kids chanting, “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

Here’s what lying Principal Glen Rogers told ABC News: “Teachers have said they’ve heard some kids in the cafeteria chanting ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ or saying they don’t want Muslims here.” Right, I highly doubt kids under 12 were saying that they did not want Muslims here. That just does not ring true, but it fits this idiots message.

One girl, a student at Jericho Elementary about 8 years old, told the truth, saying, “People were getting angry [the teachers] because some kids like Trump.” Then, she looked down as if to say “I am one of those Trump troublemakers.”

Jericho Elementary student who told reporters people were getting angry about kids liking Trump.

In Minnesota, high school kids participated in a mock election, and this again spells disaster for Hillary Clinton. Children will reflect their parent’s choices, and when the mock presidential election tallies were done, Trump won by two full points.

“About 77,000 students from 213 high schools filled out ballots for president. Trump won by about 2 percentage points, with nearly 35 percent of the vote, compared to Clinton’s nearly 33 percent.” [via Star Tribune]

This bodes very bad for Hillary. Although ABC News tried to play it off that kids were reflecting what they hear on TV, social science tells us it’s not the TV but the preference of the parents that has a greater influence on kids choices. For example, kids will root for the professional sports teams their parents root for, and we all know this.

The students living in Democratic strongholds shocked their liberal teachers and sent Hillary Clinton a nasty surprise. She might want to reconsider getting fitted for her inaugural gown because these school kids don’t see her as the next president, they see her as the loser.

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