[VIDEO] Hillary Sent Running After Reception She Received At Hispanic Rally

Hillary Clinton expected a huge love fest from the heavily minority area of East Los Angeles, which is 98% Hispanic, but her campaign made a huge miscalculation about the reception she would receive at the predominantly Hispanic rally, as a mix of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump supporters joined the minority crowd, and she was sent running.

Hillary Clinton thought Cinco de Mayo was a perfect day to visit Los Angeles and court the highly populated Hispanic community, but she soon realized that she made a big mistake. When a huge protest of Hispanic activists showed up, the Hillary camp got rightfully nervous. The massive crowd forced her to flee the rally within minutes of it starting, and it was all caught on video.

“I’m Not With Her” protester (left), Donald Trump supporters (middle), “Killary” protester (right)

A planned march, organized on social media between many Latino organizations, started a few hours before she landed in California. They marched to East Los Angeles College, where Hillary’s scheduled speech was to begin.

Police descended on the scene, and the protesters lined the entrance, shouting “walk of shame” at all the Hillary supporters who were filing into the rally. On the street, cameras caught protesters chanting, “liar, liar, murderer, murderer,” and “drop out Hillary,” using homemade signs. It’s important to note these were not the typical union-funded protesters, as seen frequently at Trump rallies. Instead, many were Bernie Sanders supporters, along with a group of Donald Trump supporters, all out in force to tell Hillary to leave California.

There were some heated exchanges when a few Hillary supporters tried to shout back at the protesters lining the entrance. The Trump supporters were not covered by the mainstream media, and it’s interesting that this did not descend into the violence we see when the union thugs bring out their protesters, with fancy professional signs and color coordinated t-shirts.

The noise from the protesters outside was loud, but inside the rally, Hillary protesters also began to scream, “liar, murderer.” Deputies led those protesters out and placed them under arrest. Hillary’s plan was to speak for over 45 minutes, but she could only manage 13 minutes, then she left the building, forced to flee.

“This event is to let Hillary know that she is not welcomed in Los Angeles and to raise community awareness of what she really represents. This action is strictly to protest against Hillary Clinton and not in support of any party and/or candidates,” said organizer Ron Gochez.

This election is not shaping up as Hillary planned. With her history of scandals and her inept tenure as Secretary of State, her reputation is so damaged that even the minority voters, which the Democrats count on, are rebelling. Hillary’s pandering to the Hispanic community was a bust, and people are no longer fooled by her. She’s a criminal, who needs to be in prison, not on the campaign trail.

[h/t Gateway Pundit]

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