Hillary Debuts Shocking New Look, Didn’t Know What Was Showing in Pic

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The Clintons are like a bad rash – every time you think it’s finally gone, it rears its ugly head again. Doing just that, it seems that Hillary Clinton was eager to show off her new look to the public. Too bad for her, she didn’t realize what was in the selfie, and now, it’s out there for the world to see.

Hillary always seems to pop up again in the most inconvenient way. In fact, she did just that recently, but she didn’t exactly get the reaction that she was looking for while showing off her new haircut.

Of course, she was trying to do more than that with a video demanding that Americans “stand up” and “resist” Donald Trump, but she failed miserably once again. At first, all anyone could do was talk about her unflattering haircut:

Not long after seeing Hillary’s new look, social media users decided to point out exactly who it reminded them of, and it was obviously a bit more comical than Hillary intended for her video to be:

However, that wasn’t the worst of it as others quickly commented on what many, specifically the liberal brats who were actually praising her, seemed to have missed. Unfortunately for Hillary, people all across social media saw what she didn’t realize was showing in the picture – a pathetic failure who is still mad that she lost:

At this point, a real leader would call for the solidarity of our nation and for the citizens to get behind the rightfully elected Commander-in-Chief. Then again, this is exactly why Hillary lost. She would be a horrible president, mostly because she’s a pompous, arrogant woman who doesn’t know how to function in stressful situations — just ask the families of the men who died in Benghazi.

Hillary is just an old, tired bat who has turned out to be every bit as petty as her followers. At this point, it’s starting to look like she actually enjoys losing because she just keeps doing it. Most people would have just stayed in their dark hole at this point, but not Hillary. Luckily, she got exactly what she deserved for doing it – ripped apart.