WATCH: Hillary Suffers Brain Malfunction During Live TV Appearance, Supporters Panic

Thanks to Hillary’s Wednesday appearance on ABC’s nauseating daytime talk show The View, speculations have once again surfaced that she is suffering from some sort of neurological breakdown. The twice-failed presidential candidate sat down to talk with the show’s panel of cackling Communists, but all that happened was a brain malfunction on Hillary’s part. Now, her supporters are panicking.

Hillary Clinton during her appearance on ABC’s “The View” (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

Hillary Clinton spent most of her interview on Wednesday trying to explain why she lost the presidential election. However, we’ve all grown tired of hearing her cornucopia of excuses, so no one was listening. They were watching, though, and they noticed a glaring issue with one of her eyes.

One of Hillary’s eyes appeared to be floating around in her skull as she spoke to co-host Joy Behar. She would look at Behar and her eye would veer towards the audience; she would look at the audience and her eye would veer to the side.

So, what the heck is going on with Hillary Clinton’s eye? This obviously isn’t normal. And, for the skeptics out there, we aren’t simply talking about a small cosmetic issue. This is definitely a wandering, or floating eye, the kind most likely stemming from a more serious neurological issue.

According to Steven Feldon, MD, many neurologic diseases manifest with ocular symptoms because so much of the human brain is involved in vision and visual processing. “Since about one-third of our brain deals with processing vision in one way or another, almost any diffuse disease of the brain is going to affect vision,” said Dr. Feldon, according to Healio.

If Hillary Clinton does have some sort of brain malfunction, it would help to explain the broken record she’s become since losing the election last November. Indeed, it’s been nearly a year since her devastating loss to political novice Donald Trump, but she’s still offering up the same old excuses for letting her supporters down.

Questions surrounding Hillary’s health first surfaced when she was on the campaign trail, with the worst incident being the time that she literally collapsed and, unable to walk on her own, was shuffled into a waiting van by her entourage.

The left largely explained these instances away by saying that the rigors of a national election had gotten to Hillary. That was a bogus excuse even back then, but they certainly won’t be able to use it now. She’s got nothing but time on her hands after losing the White House for the second time. The only thing she’s been doing lately is bringing on another glass of Chardonnay, according to her recent CBS interview.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Hillary Clinton never addresses her obvious health issues in “What Happened.” However, perhaps if she had, sales of the book wouldn’t be in the gutter. Indeed, Amazon was forced to slash the price on Hillary’s memoir a whopping 40% before it even came out, which was a last ditch attempt to get people to order it. Pretty sad.

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