[VIDEO] Ex-Hillary Supporters Claim ‘This Is The Biggest Lie Hillary Ever Told’

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is imploding after she was caught in another lie, and her staffers are in major damage control. Hillary told a huge lie that is so mind-blowing, she actually is having to apologize and try to explain it. However, there is no explaining this lie, and Hillary’s supporters are calling it “the biggest lie she ever told.”

While being interviewed for Nancy Reagan’s funeral, Hillary went on in detail about Nancy’s devotion and “low-key” advocacy for AIDS/HIV research. However, Nancy Reagan never spoke on AIDS. It’s rather unsettling to watch Hillary speak on Nancy’s devotion to AIDS, as if her mind is conjuring up images or memories that never existed.


Reaction to Hillary lying at length about Nancy Reagan is causing a huge backlash on social media. The reaction to a topic as hot as AIDS is to the LBGTQ community is making it even worse for poor Hillary. Salon magazine’s Ben Norton posted a scathing tweet.

Chad Griffin, the president of the Human Rights Campaign and a former Clinton White House aide, knocked Hillary on Friday for incorrectly holding Reagan up as an activist. He tweeted, “Nancy Reagan was, sadly, no hero in the fight against HIV/AIDS.”

Clinton soon after tweeted an apology. “While the Reagans were strong advocates for stem cell research and finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, I misspoke about their record on HIV and AIDS,” Clinton said in a statement. “For that, I’m sorry.”

Is her mind so glaringly untruthful that she just goes off on little story lines that have no truth? Or is she ill and really losing her mind? Some people lie so often, it catches up with them.

Unlike Hillary’s supporters, or ex-supporters, we call the lies she told that lost Americans lives the biggest, like Benghazi. Regardless, Hillary is losing it, and it couldn’t happen at a better time, or to a more deserving person.

[h/t Political Insider]

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