Hillary: Trump Hurting Our Democracy, No Evidence Of Fraud – Americans Destroy Her

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Hillary Clinton appeared to be in meltdown mode as she lashed out at President Donald Trump. “The election was not close. There was no evidence of fraud,” Clinton stated. “Yet Trump continues to try to overturn the election at the expense of our democracy. The emperor has no clothes. Republican electeds who continue to humor him have no spines.” Well, that’s when Americans destroyed her. Don’t miss this.

Anti-Hillary protester (left), Hillary Clinton (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot)

The irony of Hillary Clinton making these accusations about the 2020 election is about as good as it gets. Everyone in the free world can’t forget that it was the failed Democrat candidate who claimed Trump was an “illegitimate” president and Russia had helped get him elected.

In 2017, Clinton was refusing to accept she lost and blamed the Russians.

“If I had been elected president under the same circumstances … and evidence came up that the Russians for whatever reason were trying to help me, I would have said on the first day in office, ‘We’re going to launch the most thorough investigation,'” Clinton told Anderson Cooper.

She continued to broadcast that the 2016 election was stolen.

“Hillary Clinton dismissed President Trump as an ‘illegitimate president’ and suggested that ‘he knows’ that he stole the 2016 presidential election in a CBS News interview,” Washington Post reported back in 2019.

Talk like that would get Hillary removed from YouTube today if she was talking about Joe Biden. This is why so many Americans believe they are being gaslit and those Democrats like Hillary Clinton are utterly despicable.

Americans utterly destroyed Hillary on social media.  

“The election was not close. There was no evidence of fraud. The states have certified the results. Yet Trump continues to try to overturn the election at the expense of our democracy. The emperor has no clothes. Republican electeds who continue to humor him have no spines,” Clinton posted.

“They cheated like hell. It’s on video. They certified their own fraud so now their necks are on the line for it. You will not bully us into believing this illegitimate Biden win. Good will prevail, and you’ll be in jail,” Mindy Robinson claimed in response.

“As usual, you have no idea what the people are thinking. We know we were robbed. We don’t plan to let this happen to all future elections. Democrats who don’t stand up for the Constitution don’t deserve to be lawmakers,” tweeted Harriet McKay.

“‘The emperor has no clothes.’ My buddy Juan said this on Tuesday about Biden and his plot to steal this election. Interesting…” tweeted Shane Smedley.

“2,000 signed affidavits from Deplorables testifying on the fraud doesn’t count, right?” tweeted “War Profiteer.”

“There’s plenty of evidence. Biden cheated and got caught. He will never be president. You still haven’t gotten over Trump winning the 2016 election. For years you have cried about being cheated and that Russians rigged that election. Worry about your pedo husband and stfu,” tweeted “McKayla J.”

“What do you mean by ‘no evidence’, Hill? There are multiple videos of individual instances of fraud. The question is not whether fraud took place. It did. The questions are: Was there enough fraud to change the result? Yes. Should we ignore the evidence? No. Investigate!” tweeted “Grimace.”

“What he’s doing is within the Constitution. As you know Al Glore took 37 days to use the legal system. You of all people, of all people Mrs. Clinton should be the last one to comment about not excepting the outcome of an election. Your tweet rating is below,” tweeted “@kevindandy1.”

“The statistical probability that there was no fraud is less than 1 election in 1,000,000,000,000,000 elections. There is direct video evidence of the cheating happening in real time in Georgia. Direct video evidence of running the same stack of ballots over and over. Try again,” tweeted “Rigelstar.”

Poor Hillary. She never did get over losing in 2016. The world watched as she spoke at events making the same tired accusations over and over. Even after the Mueller Special Counsel found no Russian collusion, the former secretary of state made the rounds of various talk shows and speaking events still claiming she was robbed.

Trump’s 2016 victory was such an upset that deep down the Democrats knew he “really” won. That’s the only reason they did not ask for audits or recounts.

Hillary isn’t stupid. She’s quite aware of what really went down. She also is a loyal swamp creature who is taking delight that the American electorate was possibly robbed in 2020. Well, Americans made it crystal clear she’s the one wearing no clothes as she feigns fake outrage over this election.

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