Smug Hillary Trolls Trump At Grammys, Don Jr Shuts Her Up With One Humiliating Tweet

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Well over a year after her humiliating election loss to President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton is still taking every opportunity she can to attack him. In fact, during the 2018 Grammy Awards, she decided to take a jab at her former foe one more time. However, as soon as Donald Trump Jr. witnessed what she had said, he shut her up, and all it took was one humiliating tweet.

Smug Hillary Trolls Trump At Grammys, Donald Jr. Shuts Her Up With One Humiliating Tweet
Hillary Clinton (left), Donald Trump Jr. (right) (Photo Credit: Photo by Rick Kern/WireImage, Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)

The liberal celebrity elites seemingly turn every award show in America into their own personal platform to attack President Donald Trump. Although their antics have grown tiresome to most of us, it seems they still haven’t gotten the message, and there’s nothing more pathetic than Hillary Clinton’s ongoing public jabs towards President Trump.

During last nights Grammy Awards, Hillary decided to make an appearance for yet another chance to smear the man who crushed her presidential dreams. However, as soon as President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., witnessed what she had to say, he gladly took the opportunity to put her in her place with just one humiliating tweet.

Like most of us, Don Jr. has grown tired of watching Hillary repeatedly bash his father over her own losses. As so many others who have lost before her, she should have moved on. Instead, she seems to still be brewing over the entire ordeal, and some could arguably say that she only becomes more infuriated and bitter over the outcome as time passes, given all of the statements she’s made since her devastating loss against our current Commander-in-chief.

Clearly, whoever is in charge of the music industry award show also felt the need to bring politics into the event. In fact, not only did they invite the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate to the event but they also asked her to read a passage from the Michael Wolff’s discredited book, “Fire and Fury.”

As the Grammys aired, Donald Trump Jr. took notice. After seeing Hillary’s little stunt, no one could blame him for wanting to put her in her place after she trotted out to bash his father, once again. In just one tweet, he succeeded in epically humiliating Hillary.

Don Jr. simply tweeted, “Getting to read a ‪#fakenews book excerpt at the Grammys seems like a great consolation prize for losing the presidency.” Ouch!

As Biz Pac Review reports, the anti-Trump media has since come out to characterize Don Jr’s actions as “angry tweeting” and a “meltdown,” but clearly, they’re missing the point. Hillary lost over a year ago and she — as well as the rest of the liberal crowd — are continuing to throw a temper-tantrum over the fact that they lost. The meltdown didn’t happen on Twitter. It happened at the Grammys as the left showed yet again that they are sore losers.

Don Jr. followed up his first tweet about Hillary’s Grammy performance with another virtual punch-in-the-gut, writing, “The more Hillary goes on television the more the American people realize how awesome it is to have @realDonaldTrump in office.”

The Trump Derangement Syndrome that’s running rampant in America’s entertainment industry is actually kind of comical. They don’t see just how clueless they really are and how out of touch with the American people they’ve become as they alienate half of their fan base.

Hillary Clinton and her celebrity friends need to just get back into their luxury cars and drive home to their mansions. Entertainers should stick with entertaining and stay out of politics. If we wanted to hear President Donald Trump criticised, we would just watch CNN.

Most of us are actually proud of President Trump’s accomplishments. He’s doing exactly what we elected him to do, and he’s fulfilling every promise that he made during his campaign. When was the last time you could say that about a politician?