Hillary’s ‘Body Double’ Emerges After Collapse, Cover-up To Fool Reporters

After Hillary Clinton collapsed at the 9/11 Memorial yesterday, she miraculously emerged from her daughter Chelsea’s apartment within 45 minutes, looking supercharged and quite well. However, after a slew of strange events, reported by the press after her collapse, and with her odd behavior as she left the apartment, shocking claims are coming forward about a body double and who really emerged from Chelsea’s apartment.

Teresa Barnwell & Hillary Clinton in 1990’s (left), Hillary coming out of Chelsea’s apartment, many say looking much thinner (right)

The infamous video of Hillary’s collapse at the 9/11 Memorial yesterday has gone viral. She was quite ill, with strange seizure like movements as she lost consciousness. The Secret Service, along with staffers on hand, actually had to drag her limp body into her black handicap van.

What you may not know is that Hillary’s campaign played games with the press corp that followed Hillary around after the collapse, and this is never done. The press corp started tweeting out that they were really pissed off that Nick Merill, Hillary’s campaign spokesman, kept them in the dark about where Hillary was going after the collapse.

What [Nick Merrill’s] statement leaves out is that a) it came 90 minutes after Clinton left the ceremony b) reporters — or even a reporter — were not allowed to follow her and c) the temperature in New York City at the time of Clinton’s overheating was in the low 80s. (A heat wave over the eastern United States broke last night/this morning.) [Breitbart]

So, after Hillary lost consciousness and collapsed, her campaign made sure that no one followed the black handicap van that Hillary was put in after her medical episode. Seasoned journalists were livid that the campaign kept them totally in the dark, and even the liberal leaning Politico reported, “[A]ccording to Politico Playbook quoting USA Today’s Eliza Collins – Clinton’s pool reporter on Sunday – ‘the campaign kept her in the dark about Clinton’s whereabouts.'”

Of course, all medical professionals agree that Hillary should have been taken immediately to the closest hospital. However, when the media blackout was lifted 90 minutes later, Hillary’s campaign informed the press that Hillary was at Chelsea’s apartment and not a hospital. Although it seemed rather odd, the press went to the apartment.

Hillary at 9/11 Memorial followed by Hillary coming out of Chelsea’s apartment (left), View from where the press was stationed at Chelsea’s apartment (right)

The scene in front of the apartment was also very strange. First, the press was kept far away from the entrance of the apartment. They were cordoned off across the street, and there was a perimeter of several yards all the way around the entrance. Then, social media users started questioning whether the Hillary who came out of the apartment was the real Hillary, because when Hillary emerged, she looked younger and thinner.

One of the most interesting parts of the video [Hillary exiting Chelsea’s apartment] of the potential Clinton body double is the absence of anyone around her. All through her 2016 campaign, Clinton has always been surrounded by an entourage. The majority of the entourage that are attached to Clinton are members of the Secret Service. No agents are seen with Clinton as she exits the apartment building. When have you ever seen Hillary Clinton with no one around her? [Inquisitr]

Hillary Clinton coming out of Chelsea’s apartment (left) Hillary at event 2 weeks ago (middle), Hillary with her doctor, leaving 9/11 Memorial (right)

It does seem rather strange that she is all alone coming out of the apartment. Where is the black handler who is always at her side, where is Huma Abedin? There is not one Secret Service agent close enough to shield her from a potential assassin, and the press is way off in the distance.

Then, a totally staged moment happened, where a little girl was allowed through the perimeter to have a picture taken with Hillary. If Hillary is so sick and has pneumonia why is a child allowed to get that close to her?

One of Hillary’s body doubles is Teresa Barnwell, 61, who has been professionally coached to act and sound just like Hillary Clinton. Barnwell was discovered back when Hilary was First Lady in the 1990s, and she has been professionally impersonating Hillary for years.

“When Bill Clinton became the 42nd president in 1993, she was bombarded by people telling her she was the first lady’s doppelganger,” reports the Daily Mail. “Because they looked so much alike, she decided to quit her job in advertising 23 years ago and become a full-time Clinton impersonator.”

The Daily Mail goes on to say, “Barnwell was coached by Denise Bella Vlasis, a Madonna lookalike, to hone her craft after meeting on the set of a TV show.”


Was it Teresa Barnwell outside Chelsea’s apartment yesterday, hired to salvage Hillary’s campaign as it was imploding after the collapse? If indeed there was a body double, they would have signed a non-disclosure agreement, binding them to never divulge their role as Hillary’s healthy double during the campaign.

Why would the campaign go to such lengths? The video of Hillary collapsing is a game changer in this election. If Hillary was taken to a hospital and the press were allowed to follow, the campaign would be forced to answer all the health questions surrounding the candidate, and Hillary would be seen as too ill to become president.

Her lifelong quest would be over forever, so she needed to emerge quickly and looking healthy. Was it a body double? It sure sounds crazy, like a huge conspiracy theory, but just one week ago, the press was saying Hillary’s ill health was a conspiracy theory too.

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