Hillary’s PA Recount Rigged, NEW Numbers Indicate Massive Voter Fraud

Most Americans are fed up with this ridiculous recount by Jill Stein that’s funded by Hillary Clinton. America has spoken, and we are tired of these losers pestering us. However, one report is so concerning, it’s clear the Democrats are screwing Donald Trump, and you’ll be shocked at numbers they are reporting in Pennsylvania, as they try to steal 20 electoral votes.

Pennsylvania was the icing on the cake for Donald Trump on election night. No Republican presidential candidate had won the state’s 20 electoral votes since 1988, and now, we get this news.

Before the recounts on November 29th, the New York Times reported that Donald Trump was winning the state with 2,959,839 votes, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won 2,895,436 votes.  The difference was 64,403 votes, but now, according to the absentee ballots coming in, out of 20,736 absentee ballots cast, 18,467 went to Clinton.


There is no way Hillary dominated the absentee ballots like that, and knowing how the Democrats love stealing elections, it’s clear this is massive voter fraud. Here’s how Trump’s lead dwindled from 64, 403 to only 47, 755,  after they just updated all those bogus absentee ballots:

“The final certified results in Pennsylvania show Donald Trump winning the state with 2,961,658 votes, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won 2,913,903 votes. The difference is updated to 47,755 votes. This is what is now reported after absentee ballots were counted as reported on Friday, December 2nd.” [via 100% Fed Up]

Another anomaly in Pennsylvania’s vote is that there were 41,120 more votes cast for President than for the Senate race in Pennsylvania when looking at the final tallies. That is highly suspect and likely indicates that the Democrats have added about 40,000 votes for Hillary.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, we have idiots like the one GOP elector in Texas who is refusing to vote for Trump on December 19th.

“Texas presidential elector Chris Suprun says he will not cast his vote for Donald Trump. Suprun signed a pledge this summer to support the Republican nominee. He lied. Suprun is a #NeverTrumper.” [via Gateway Pundit]

Hillary Clinton (left), Traitor Texas elector Chris Suprun (right)

The Associated Press reported, “Republican member of the Electoral College from Texas [Chris Suprum] said Monday that he won’t cast one of his state’s 38 electoral votes for Donald Trump because “I am here to elect a president, not a king.”

Actually, this idiot is the one acting like some kind of king. What gives him the right to go against his pledge and the will of the voters in Texas? What a jerk. Americans are so tired of all this crap. The election was a month ago, and the end to their ongoing tantrum is long overdue.

So, what will happen? Trump will get the needed votes out of the electoral college On December 19th. These ploys to overturn the election in favor of Hillary have less than one percent chance of working, but that doesn’t mean that we should let any of these scumbags get away with their shenanigans. Now that their power is gone, it’s time to drain that swamp and get rid of all these traitors to freedom.

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