Hippies Show Up To Work Naked, Moments Later Their Risqué Protest Backfires

For some reason, those on the left seem to be under the impression that the best way to raise awareness for a cause is to take their clothes off, never mind the fact that nobody wants to see their intimate parts. The hippies who work for Lush Cosmetics are no different. They recently staged a nationwide protest by showing up to work naked, but moments later, their risqué display backfired.

Employees at Lush Cosmetics stripped down to only their aprons to make a statement about the environment.

In order to protest the “over packaging of products,” Lush employees from Boulder, Colorado, to Philadelphia and New York City, stripped down to only their aprons. Some of the “shyer” employees donned skimpy nude or white underwear to make a statement about the environment.

The stripped-down stunt is part of a nationwide campaign that Lush is kicking off to educate the public about how much waste and pollution is generated by excess product packaging. According to a press release from the brand, there are almost 300,000 tons of floating debris from plastic packaging in the world’s oceans, and packaging contributes to 80% of litter collected from beaches during organized cleanups. [Source: Refinery29]

“Most of the plastic that has ever been produced still exists today, which is why it’s high time for businesses across all industries to take responsibility and present new generations of consumers with eco-friendly alternatives,” said Brandi Halls, Director of Brand Communications for Lush.

“As a company, we tend to go all the way for causes we believe in,” she added. “If flashing our bums inspires consumers and industry to reconsider their packaging practices, then we’d say it’s definitely worth a few blushes.”

Lush Cosmetics employees

Lush definitely went “all the way,” but it appears that they did so in vain, as many of the people who read about their stunt online had only negative feedback for the company. “Liberals are always looking for reasons to get naked in front of the camera,” one person commented. “Does this pass health code?” wondered another sarcastically.

“I love Lush products but quit buying them a couple of years ago after I wrote the company a letter explaining I was over them pushing their agenda at me,” wrote a woman named Karen. “I don’t need a lecture on some ‘issue’ every time I buy a bath product.”

Indeed, consumers aren’t looking for a political stunt when they find the time and money to go shopping. They certainly aren’t looking to come face to face with a pair of saggy boobs or a hairy butt crack.

The general consensus from those online was not favorable following the naked protest by Lush employees, with many people understandably stating that they would not be shopping at the over-priced cosmetic chain in the future. Lots of parents also vowed to keep their daughters out of the retail stores.

Is it just us or are environmentalists the most bone-headed of all the leftists? If they’re not leaving a mountain of trash behind after a protest, they’re taking their clothes off because of all the plastic in the ocean. It doesn’t make much sense, does it? Trying to understand a liberal is akin to banging your head against a wall repeatedly.

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