‘We’ll Hire You’: Corrupt Former FBI Director Comey Gets Shocking Job Offer

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President Donald Trump (left), James Comey (right)

Finally, corrupt James Comey no longer bears the title of FBI Director before his name. True to his word, President Donald Trump is draining the swamp, and he sent this liberal rat packing. Already, Comey has just received the job offer of a lifetime from a place no one saw coming.

According to The Gateway Pundit, just hours after James Comey was fired by Donald Trump, he received the most unlikely of job offers from the one and only Julian Assange, founder and director of Wikileaks. There is no report yet of Comey responding to the prestigious offer of employment with the organization he ironically called “intelligence porn,” just a week before he was fired, according to Daily Caller. Comey wasn’t alone in his corrupt behavior and many are hoping to see his right-hand man, Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe follow his former boss into obscurity.

Many on social media now consider Assange to have executed the most epic troll of all time at Comey’s expense. The “job offer,” of course, is a tremendous shot in the arm to the former FBI director which truly adds insult to injury in a brutal way.

Assange didn’t waste the opportunity to capitalize on Comey’s career crushing catastrophe as he lit him up again with another tweet just hours after the first.

Mr. Comey knows where many bodies are buried. Working for WikiLeaks is fulfilling. James — don’t become another lobbyist for Glock or Donkin,” Assange wrote.

Say what you will about Assange, but the man can troll like it’s nobody’s business. Just one last dig on Comey completed the verbal whipping as Assange tweeted“FBI source says the FBI will now start leaking – leaking like Niagara. But please FBI friends full docs or you know the press will spin it!”

Like Assange, millions of American patriots can’t wait to see Comey exposed for the innumerable skeletons sure to be found in his absence. Imagine the secrets this Trump-hating intelligence kingpin has been hiding. Now, we need to move full speed ahead with brutal justice and full disclosure of his crimes and those he helped to escape prosecution.

In regard to his unbelievable level of narcissism, James Comey has been put in the same category of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It’s very evident from his most recent testimony in front of the Senate that he views himself as an elite — an untouchable. Not untouchable anymore, Comey, we got you. America put Trump in office and, in a matter of months, put you out of a job.

Let this be a warning to McCabe, Comey’s assistant who remains at the bureau, for now. After it was reported by Breitbart that McCabe’s wife received half a million dollars as a campaign donation from Hillary Clinton operative Terry McAuliffe for her state Senate run, McCabe has been under fire for being connected to the Clinton crime family. McCabe’s days in America’s top law enforcement agency are also numbered, so it would be a good idea for him to start packing his things.

President Donald Trump is showing the world that he is a powerful leader and isn’t afraid to wreck the corrupt establishment that has put their own interests and prosperity far above those of the American people. We are returning to our status as a nation of laws, and hopefully, the revelations that emerge in the days to come will truly shock the blind liberal masses and give them a moment of clarity. Adios, Comey.

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