Majority Hispanic Voters Approve Citizenship Question On U.S. Census, Pelosi Freaks

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Two-thirds of voters approve of a citizenship question on the 2020 census, and that includes a majority of Hispanic voters — despite claims by Democratic lawmakers that the inquiry would discourage participation in Latino communities. This caused Nancy Pelosi to really freak out. You don’t want to miss this.

President Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi (Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images, Alex Wong/Getty Images)

A Harvard University Center for American Political Studies/Harris poll found that 67% of all registered U.S. voters say the census should ask the citizenship question when the time comes. That includes 88% of Republicans, 63% of independents and 52% of Democrats.

Most notably, the poll found that 55% of Hispanic voters favor the idea.

Also in agreement: 74% of rural voters, 59% of black voters, 58% of urban voters and 47% of voters who backed Hillary Clinton in 2016. At 44%, liberal voters were the least likely to favor the citizenship question.

At the other end of the scale, 92% of Trump voters and 90% of conservatives back the question. Attorney General Bill Barr announced he has found a way through the Department of Justice to keep a question about citizenship status on the 2020 census.

The left, who thought they took home a victory when the Supreme Court pushed the matter back to the lower courts two weeks ago, is freaking out.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is leading the way, arguing the only reason President Trump wants the question included is to “make America white again.”

“This is about keeping, you know, make America, you know this hat Make America White Again,” Pelosi declared. “They want to make sure that people, certain people, are counted. It’s really disgraceful and it’s not what our founders had in mind.”

“What they want to do is put a chilling effect so certain populations will not answer the form, that they won’t answer the form, that they won’t respond,” she said. “Don’t give them that victory. You must respond because otherwise, they win.”

It’s funny that Pelosi would mention voters. The U.S. Census is used to count the population of the United States. Those numbers are then used to allocate Congressional seats. It’s no wonder why Democrats don’t want more than 22 million illegal aliens knowingly questioned in the survey.


How Our Data Are Used
To determine the distribution of Congressional seats to states.
-Mandated by the U.S. Constitution
-Used to apportion seats in the U.S. House of Representatives
-Used to define legislature districts, school district assignment areas and other important functional areas of government

For the record, the Supreme Court did say the Trump administration has the legal authority to include a citizenship question on the census, but the majority argued lawyers for the Commerce Department did not adequately explain why it was being included.

This caused President Donald Trump to weigh in on Twitter:

Recent “strained” decisions by the United States Supreme Court, some so simple as allowing the question, “Are you a citizen of the United States” on our very expensive Census Report, or the even more strained decisions (2) allowing the world’s most expensive & pathetic healthcare (Obamacare) to stay in place, when it would have been replaced by something far better, shows how incredibly important our upcoming 2020 Election is. I have long heard that the appointment of Supreme Court Justices is a President’s most important decision. SO TRUE!

Democratic leaders and civil rights groups claim that the Trump administration wants to add the question in order to electorally benefit Republicans and disadvantage Latino voters, but the poll results suggest Latino voters aren’t buying that argument.

“The Supreme Court handed the Trump administration a temporary defeat on the Census question in late June, ruling that they did not provide a sufficient explanation for why they wanted to ask about citizenship. After some contention between Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyers and President Donald Trump, the administration decided to continue to challenge the issue in court,” the Daily Caller reports. 

Why wouldn’t we want to know who is in this country? Isn’t that just basic information we need? The Democrats are so scared of losing districts to Republicans when the census finds their big Democratic strongholds are filled with illegal aliens who are not entitled to vote. This is a fight our president isn’t backing away from, and that’s good news for every citizen who cares about justice and the rule of law in America today.

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