“F*CK THE NRA!” Hogg Shows Up At NRA Headquarters, Gets Taught A Lesson

David Hogg showed up at the National Rifle Association’s headquarters over the weekend to protest the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans. However, the demonstration didn’t go quite as the teenaged gun-grabber had planned because he was promptly taught a lesson. You’re going to love this.

David Hogg and other anti-gun activists protest outside the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. (Photo Credit: NRA/Twitter)

Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg has positioned himself as one of the country’s most notorious anti-gun activists, even opting to forego college for a year in order to pursue his “activism.” But, so far, he hasn’t been very successful. Hogg’s career in activism (is that actually a job?) has hit a few roadblocks thanks to many a misinformed tweet and ill-advised demonstration.

The problem is, Hogg isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He ain’t the brightest crayon in the box. The guy is a few cards short of a whole deck. Catch my drift? Consequently, he’s probably done more damage to his cause than he has good, and what happened over the weekend was a perfect example.

On Saturday, Hogg showed up at the National Rifle Association’s headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, for a protest sponsored by Michael Bloomberg’s organization, Everytown for Gun Safety. But there were a couple of glaring problems with the 18-year-old’s little stunt, and when they came to light on social media, Hogg was once again left humiliated and embarrassed.

First off, the protest was held on a Saturday, so the NRA’s headquarters was closed. Thus, there were no employees there to hear Hogg’s message or see the signs reading “F*ck The NRA” and “Shame on You.” So Hogg and his cronies were essentially shouting slogans and brandishing homemade signage aimed at an empty building. He traveled all the way from his home in Florida and accomplished absolutely nothing. Perhaps some better planning is in order the next time he decides to do something like this.

That’s not even the most embarrassing part of the whole debacle, though. To add insult to injury, Hogg was exposed as the ultimate hypocrite when it was revealed that he had shown up to protest the NRA with none other than an entourage of armed security guards. Let that one sink in for a moment.

“Today, @davidhogg111 (with armed security) and a bunch of gun-grabbing activists protested our empty HQ,” the NRA wrote on Twitter on Saturday night, according to Washington Examiner. Along with the tweet, the gun rights organization also posted a photo of Hogg getting into a black vehicle protected by armed security guards. Oh, the irony!

Despite being tagged in the tweet, Hogg did not contest the NRA’s claim, nor did he reply to it. After all, what could he possibly say? He undoubtedly hoped that his little secret would never get out, and now that it has, his best defense is to stick his head in the sand.

Nevertheless, a few NRA employees who showed up at the protest seemed to enjoy themselves, partaking in some free ice cream on the sweltering summer day, courtesy of Everytown. Remarkably, for a group that, according to Hogg, wants to “kill American schoolchildren” and “has blood on its hands,” there was no bloodshed whatsoever when the NRA employees mingled with the gun-control protesters.

We must give credit to both sides for their ability to get along, if only for a moment. Perhaps the world doesn’t need fewer guns, but maybe it needs more ice cream.

According to The Washington Times, this shocking phenomenon inspired Kyle Kashuv, a Parkland shooting survivor who supports gun rights, to tweet, “When @NRAemployees take ice cream from @Everytown to own the libs.”

Just like the many celebrities who are always quick to denounce the inalienable gun rights of law-abiding citizens, Hogg thinks it’s perfectly okay to take away our guns, but when it comes to protecting himself, he’s all for being armed to the hilt. Guns for me, but not for thee! The hypocrisy is ripe with this one.

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