Hollywood Liberal’s New Attack on Trump Has Patriots Roaring With Laughter

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The Russian conspiracy didn’t work. Promises of impeachment didn’t work. Now, actor Sean Astin has a brilliant new move to take down President Donald Trump. It’s so pathetic, patriots everywhere are having a good laugh.

Hollywood actor Sean Astin offered a new plan to defeat President Donald Trump. (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Ever since Trump entered office, the left has stylized themselves as the “Resistance.” Apparently being a member of a party that controls the media, entertainment industry, publishing, and Silicon Valley makes you some kind of rebel, not a member of the corrupt establishment.

But liberals like to think of themselves as progressives that are challenging the system. Despite the fact that everything they believe is parroted to them by powerful, soulless globalists.

The truth is, they can’t stand the fact that Donald Trump is our president. As the Commander in Chief, he’s putting Americans first. He’s rejecting the toxic policies of the left that have harmed so many citizens, and the arrogant elitists in Hollywood can’t stand it.

Since the moment he was elected, liberals have tried to take him down. They protested, rioted, and threatened our democracy. Unhinged members of Congress promise to impeach President Trump, but time and again, their schemes fail.

Don’t worry, though! Former child actor Sean Astin has another solution. They have no power to impeach Trump, but he’s got a fool-proof plan that will surely work. His plan is so great, it will ensure that no liberal will even know what Trump is up to. Brilliant.

The Trump administration should watch out, because The Resistance has been given a new line of attack in order to try and remove the president from office, courtesy of actor Sean Astin. Out: IMPEACH! — In: UNFOLLOW! [Source: Twitchy]

Wow. I mean, what better way to get back at a man you call Hitler, by cutting off your ability to see what he’s doing! That’s what police do, right? They block and ignore criminals? That way, they have no idea what they’re up to.

It’s fitting, though. Liberals can’t stand seeing President Trump winning for our country again and again. When Trump tweets, millions around the world are listening. His comments on the social network have had a powerful effect on our country. It drives liberals crazy to know that so many people are paying attention to him.

But blocking him and his followers? This is a baby move. Much like those precious snowflakes in college who need safe spaces, Astin is calling for liberals to stick their fingers in their ears. God forbid you might hear something from a conservative that makes sense! Maybe you’d actually open your eyes and realize the Democrats might not have everything all figured out.

God forbid you actually grew!

As you can imagine, people were not kind to Astin’s solution.

Big surprise that after Sean got some heat from users on Twitter, he took down his comments. But, but, shouldn’t the world embrace his brilliant idea? If we all just stopped following Trump on Twitter, he’ll lose his support. Never mind the fact that he helped spark a growing movement among Americans to take back their country, a movement that is bigger than Trump and will continue long after his administration.

This is a pretty common tactic among liberals. If they can’t beat you with a logical and intelligent argument, they’ll just censor you. They are terrified that more people will realize the left has no solutions and that their ideas are actually very bad for America. So, they just try to silence us. Astin’s idea is even more toxic. He encouraged people to deliberately cut themselves off from those they don’t agree with and to block people — perhaps friends and family — who support the President.

It would stifle conversation, social interaction, and any attempts for liberals and conservatives to find common ground. And they say Trump is dividing us? Think again.