Hollywood Superstar Drops Bomb On Liberals With 5 Bold Words About Trump

Former “Cheers” star and Pixar voice actor John Ratzenberger dropped a bomb on liberals with 5 bold words and some high praise for President-Elect Donald Trump.

Speaking on Fox News & Friends this morning, John stated that the “adults are back in charge” of America and expressed his utmost confidence in the incoming administration in a few key lines that have gone viral:

“It’s nice that adults are back in charge. OK, kids, give us the keys to the car. You’ve done enough damage. Now we will take over.” – John Ratzenberger

Watch the full interview:


John Ratzenberger has been a longtime supporter. He appeared on Your World to announce his support for Donald Trump as “the only candidate for me” and explained that he wants America “to become self-reliant again.”

Most of Hollywood is apoplectic over Donald Trump’s election. Trump’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame was defaced, a symbol of everything Tinseltown feels about him. Yet, there have been a few vocal Trump supporters in an industry that is overwhelmingly liberal.

Not only John Ratzenberger, of course, but also Jon Voight, Kid Rock, Willie Robertson, Gary Busey, and Loretta Lynn, are just a few, among a surprisingly large list. It remains to be seen whether blacklisting or other retaliation awaits them for breaking with liberal orthodoxy in favor of a candidate seen by the left as a Hitler-like, Antichrist figure.

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