Customer At Home Depot Floored By 4 Nasty Words On Entitled Cashier’s Hat

After a customer was finished shopping at Home Depot, they went to the checkouts in order to pay. Unfortunately, things would take quite the turn as they got in line – and that’s when they saw the four nasty words on an entitled cashier’s hat.

Krystal Lake, 22, works at Home Depot in Staten Island, New York, but one of her most recent shifts didn’t exactly go according to plan. After choosing to accessorize a bit differently than she has in the past, Lake thought that a new hat may be the way to go.

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However, you can imagine a customer’s surprise to step up to pay for the items they wanted, only to read her hat saying “America was never great.” Obviously the words are meant to mock Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, but not everyone holds the same sentiments.

Of course, the entitled brat argues that America was never great and that we shouldn’t be looking to the past because of racism “and stuff.” I’m sure Home Depot – you know, the place that so graciously offered her a job – wouldn’t necessarily agree with her political statement, seeing how it was America’s past that made them one of the largest retailers in the home improvement industry.

Cashier Wears Hat Saying "America Was Never Great" To Work
Krystal Lake pictured at work at Home Depot with her hat (Photo Source: New York Daily News)

However, Lake has suffered her fair share of criticism during recent days. Red-blooded Americans, who are proud of our history, have swung by her social media page, but she states that she will continue wearing the hat to work.

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I don’t know about you, but I highly doubt that Home Depot wants any part in this. It’s fine for employees to have their own opinions, but you shouldn’t be making political statements while representing your employer unless it also represents their stance on the issue.

Cashier Wears Hat Saying "America Was Never Great" To Work
Krystal Lake (Photo Source: New York Daily News)

In this case, it’s unclear where Home Depot stands on the matter, but I’m sure they don’t appreciate an employee acting in a way that has the potential to drive over half their customers away. Unfortunately, this is what you get when you let the infection of so-called “progressivism” fester long enough – an entitled generation of people who don’t understand how they got where they are.

Most people seem to think Home Depot needs to put their foot down on this one, and it wouldn’t take much to see why. Just look at Target right now. They tried to appease a leftist agenda, and they’re now paying for it big time as their stocks continue to dive.

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We on the right stand for capitalism, which is exactly the thing that allows a place like Home Depot to thrive. That being said, as Lake clearly doesn’t understand the reality of the situation and can’t seem to look past her own selfish interests, it’s up to the home improvement giant to do something about it. Only time will tell what they decide, but only one of the two choices make any sense for them — tell her to leave the hat at home or have people assume that they support the message.