Lib Tears Flood Street As Horrified Protesters See What Cops Had In Hands

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Lib Tears Flood Street As Horrified Protesters See What Cops Had In Hand
Protesters (right) blocked traffic to “protest” Donald Trump but were soon left horrified to see what responding officers (left) had in their hands.

As entitled brats continue to throw temper tantrums across the nation, it seems that a few whiners recently assembled in Ohio in order to “protest.” Unfortunately for the morons who thought it was a good idea to block traffic, it wouldn’t be long before liberal tears were flooding the streets when the horrified brats saw what the cops had in their hands – and it was all caught on video.

There’s no arguing that the “logic” behind liberal protests these days stem from nothing more than bias and inflammatory propaganda. Despite most of them not knowing what they’re even throwing a hissy fit about, that’s not stopping the mobs of sheep from getting together to cause some good old-fashioned chaos.

Of course, if they actually understood what they were talking about, they wouldn’t be throwing their ignorant temper tantrums. However, police recently found a good way to get their point across, showing the hippies why they should really just stay at home.

Police spray protesters with pepper spray in downtown Columbus Monday evening after hundreds of people blocked an intersection.READ MORE:

Posted by NBC4 on Monday, January 30, 2017

Taking place in Columbus, Ohio, after a group decided to block traffic in “protest,” police showed up – and they weren’t empty handed. All caught on video, the officers decided to shoot the entitled brats down with a little pepper spray that sent the group running.

Even better yet, it wasn’t long before liberal tears were flooding the street as the effects of the irritant set in. Furthermore, in a few short moments, protesters had cleared the streets and traffic had resumed as if nothing had ever happened in the first place.

Lib Tears Flood Street As Horrified Protesters See What Cops Had In Hand
Liberal tears flooded the street as soon as police unleashed pepper spray on the non-compliant brats.

Although the punks would soon whine about the used of the chemical agent, it would later be revealed that police warned them about “100 times” to get off the street or else pepper spray would be used. It just goes to show that you really can’t fix stupid sometimes, even if you desperately try to.

The sad thing is, these morons just got sprayed for something they don’t even fully understand. Led there by a misinformative media and the political elite to do the bidding of the left, these idiots suffered pain and anguish on account of their own failure to do a little research. The truth goes a long way – when it’s allowed to thrive that is. However, when you block it, censor it, and replace it with “alternative facts,” well, you get pepper sprayed punks in the street. The liberals of this nation need to wake up, or there’s going to be a lot more unnecessary pain.