What Officers Discovered In This House Of Horrors Goes Beyond Child Abuse

Officers Investigating Home On Child Abuse Claims Make DISTURBING Discovery

A Statesville, North Carolina couple are having a ridiculously difficult time trying to figure out why they have been accused of child abuse after their kids were taken from them. But a look inside their dilapidated trailer house of horrors should answer any doubt, especially after officers made a particularly gruesome discovery.

According to local news source WSOC-TV, 25-year-old Melissa Kay Lynn Poole and 39-year-old Jeremy Daniel Dishner had been holed up in their decrepit house with their five children and Poole’s father. It’s unimaginable how they all fit in there, worse yet, how the 62-year-old grandfather’s dead body could be rotting away and allegedly nobody was aware of it, if Poole’s claim of ignorance of the death is true.

Officers Investigating Home On Child Abuse Claims Make DISTURBING Discovery
25-year-old Melissa Kay Lynn Poole and 39-year-old Jeremy Daniel Dishner

Deputies said there are no signs of foul play in the grandfather’s death, that he had allegedly been ill for some time and eventually passed away from his poor health. Poole claims she didn’t know her dad had died, despite him only being a few feet away. Since her children regularly took him food in his room, she never really saw him. She called police to come to the home after learning he died, at least 24 hours after the fact, NBC Charlotte reported.

But one has to wonder why nobody seemed to mind the inevitable stench that comes with a decaying body. Chances are they just chalked it up to being part of the foul sewage strewn around the shack, along with other filth and depraved living conditions.

The mother is whining about the child abuse charges, claiming the housework got ahead of her because she had been caring for her ill children, who range in age from 9 months to 13-years-old, one of which does not belong to either suspect. “My kids had been sick with the flu, rotavirus,” she alleged. “It’s been happening for a month. There were things that haven’t been taken care of. I feel like I’m getting accused of being a bad mom for worrying about my kids rather than my house.”

Officers Investigating Home On Child Abuse Claims Make DISTURBING Discovery

Both Poole and Dishner were taken into custody and the children were removed from the squalor and placed in the state’s care. The two adults have since been released on bond and the dead body has been taken to the morgue.

It’s situations such as this that make it extra infuriating that Americans are forced to pay taxes to fund these people’s food bills, medical expenses, and other bills, while they lay around in filth, having babies, and letting grandparents die without even knowing it. The children need to be removed permanently so they can be cared for by people with more than two brain cells to rub together and an ounce of decency.

The adults can fend for themselves, off the taxpayer’s dime, and in this case, should be charged with more than child abuse — endangerment and neglect would also be appropriate, at minimum. Since they’re accustomed to crowded conditions, they might feel right at home in a prison cell. We can only hope.

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