U.S. House Judiciary Committee Officially Starts Trump Impeachment Inquiry

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The House Judiciary Committee led by Rep. Jerry Nadler officially started the impeachment process a few days ago. We have uncovered the paper trail the Democrats left which suggests they are all in to impeach President Donald Trump when they get back from the summer recess. Nadler was caught redhanded pushing impeachment just one day after the midterm elections. You don’t want to miss this.

Rep. Jerry Nadler and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Rep. Jerry Nadler is a corrupt swamp dweller who has now pulled the trigger on the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

“Those eager for the start of an official inquiry by the U.S. House Judiciary Committee into the possible impeachment of President Trump need wait no longer,” reports The Hill. “A memorandum, submitted by the committee on July 26 to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia and signed by the general counsel of the U.S. House of Representatives, makes clear that such an inquiry has begun.”

So, what charges against Trump are the Democrats bringing to start the impeachment process? 

The Democrats are asking the court for access to all redactions of grand jury material in the Mueller report, in grand jury materials referenced in the report, and to any grand jury testimony or material directly related to four topics.

The topics include the president’s knowledge of Russian interference in the 2016 election, links and contacts of his associates directly or indirectly with Russia, and criminal acts by anyone associated with his administration or campaign.

Yep, they are doubling down on the lie that Trump was colluding with Russia. This is also a way for the swamp dwellers to get all the grand jury testimony in the Mueller report unredacted.

“Under Rule 6(e) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, a judge may grant access to confidential grand jury material when sought in preparation for, or use in, a judicial proceeding. The committee urges that an impeachment investigation is a judicial proceeding for purposes of this exception to grand jury secrecy,” reports The Hill.

Look, this isn’t about the truth or even impeachment. This is about the 2020 presidential election. By holding impeachment hearings in the House, the Democrats can get reams of bad press against Trump in the run-up to the 2020 election.

We all know the Senate will never impeach Trump as it is held by the GOP. The other thing this does is it is one way the corrupt swamp dwellers can get their hands on the unredacted portions of the grand jury testimony to make Trump look guilty of something.

Rep. Jerry Nadler was already talking about impeaching Trump just one day after he got control of the House Judiciary Committee. 

Nadler became the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee after the 2018 midterms when the Democrats took back control of the House. On day one of his new chairmanship, Nadler was caught redhanded having a secret phone conversation.

Mollie Hemingway who is a reporter for The Federalist was on the same train with Nadler on November 7, 2018, and she overheard him talk about how they would impeach Trump. Nadler was headed to DC for a two-day planning session with his staff and Judiciary Committee staff. “We’ve got to figure out what we’re doing [on impeachment],” he explained in a phone call with a friend.

Nadler said Russia investigations would be under a broad umbrella of holding Trump ‘accountable,’ since it’s a more palatable argument than impeachment, that they would be going “all-in,” and much of what they get to would be “depending on what [special counsel Robert] Mueller finds.

Still, he said the Judiciary Committee would only be in a supportive role to Rep. Adam Schiff and the Intelligence Committee, which has “a way ahead start on that.” Still, he said Judiciary “will have a role” in the Russia investigations.

So, from the very first day that the Democrats got control of the House, they already had impeachment in mind, and long before Mueller’s 19 anti-Trump attorneys were finished, they already were pegging the lie of Russia collusion as “the crime” they would use against Trump.

Can it get any more corrupt than this? 

President Trump is up against the deep state who are still entrenched inside the DOJ and FBI. Bill Barr is a good guy who is trying to clean up the swamp inside the DOJ, however, these deep state rats are hiding inside those agencies and they are pals with these same Democrats like Jerry Nadler.

Trump has very few people he can trust inside Washington, D.C. The biggest fight in this war will be the 2020 election. They know if Trump gets four more years to clean house, many of these deep state rats will be outed and lose their power. That’s why it’s imperative Americans learn the truth and do all they can to make sure the president is re-elected. We cannot afford to lose in 2020—if we do we will be losing the Republic we love for good.

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