Elderly Houston Victims Call Chick-Fil-A, Can’t Believe What They Find On Their Doorstep

When an elderly Houston couple’s home was devastated by the disastrous Hurricane Harvey, they decided to call their favorite fast food restaurant for some comfort food. However, instead of delivering free sandwiches to the sweet older couple, Chick-fil-A brought something completely unexpected to the beloved grandparents’ door.

Elderly Houston Victims Call Chick-Fil-A, Can't Believe What They Find On Their Doorstep
After calling their local Chick-fil-A, J.C. (left) and Karen Spencer (right) were overwhelmed when the manager arrived with an unexpected surprise to add to their food order. (Photo credit: Screenshot of news broadcast/ABC News, J.C. and Karen Spencer)

As the waters left by still-active Hurricane Harvey continue to devastate Houston residents, elderly locals have encountered major difficulties in evacuating the ravaged city. With stagnant flood waters threatening disease and dangerous structural damage, local retirees J.C. Spencer and his wife, Karen, found themselves in a perilous situation. Since they were physically unable to wade through murky torrents or climb to their roof to hail emergency responders, the Spencers decided to call the only nearby outlet that had always provided faithful service — the local Chick-fil-A. What they received was an act of kindness they still have trouble believing actually happened.

ABC News reports that after expressing their dire situation to the local Chick-fil-A, the manager immediately organized a 2-man team of Jet Ski-operators, which included himself, to head over to the Spencer home and save the stranded elderly couple. J.C. had simply joked with the restaurant worker, placing an order for “2 grilled chicken burritos” and “a boat.” Surprisingly, they got exactly what they ordered.

“We had to get out of there so I called Chick-fil-A, now that sounds kind of funny,” J.C. Spencer said in an interview on “GMA” Wednesday. “I ordered two grilled chicken burritos with extra egg and a boat. And can you believe that one of the managers of Chick-fil-A, she sent her husband to pick us up and we are so grateful.”

Elderly Houston Victims Call Chick-Fil-A, Can't Believe What They Find On Their Doorstep
Along with 2 grilled chicken burritos, Karen (left) and J.C. (right) were saved from their flooded home after the local Chick-fil-A manager sent rescue workers on Jet Skis. (Photo credit: J.C. and Karen Spencer)

Surprised by the Chick-fil-A manager’s selfless response, J.C. marveled at the deed, adding that the rescuer even turned around to retrieve his wallet and wedding ring when he realized he’d forgotten them.

“Karen jumped on the back of a Jet Ski and I jumped on the back of another one and they evacuated us to higher ground,” J.C. said. “I couldn’t save my house but I have to save my marriage,” he joked.

Equally shocked, Karen explained that she is still in awe of the manager’s quick and selfless thinking, adding that the rescue was a bittersweet moment for the pair, according to ABC 13.

Karen Spencer said it was one part “oh well, here we go!” one part “happy to be alive” and two parts, “I can’t believe I’m leaving my flooded house in a Jet Ski.”

Incredibly, neither the manager nor the other rescuer wanted any praise for their efforts, leaving J.C. and Karen without even so much as a name to laud. Still, the Spencers expressed their gratitude, hoping to find out the identities of their heroes.

Famous for their community investments, the manager’s heroic gesture wasn’t the only action Chick-fil-A took in response to Hurricane Harvey. Northport Chick-fil-A in Alabama has reportedly teamed up with the American Red Cross and Chapel Hill Baptist Church to collect and transport items for Texas victims, WIAT CBS 42 reports.

Thanks to volunteers, the organizers are planning to drive multiple trucks and trailers to Houston on October 6. However, project manager Jamie Dykes is reminding donors that clothing is not one of the items needed.

“Cleaning supplies, toiletries, gift cards like visa and gas cards. Diapers and non-perishable foods. We plan on doing this on a four-week drive,” Dykes said.

Despite the left’s relentless attempts to divide our nation and turn every disaster into a platform to blame and protest the opposition, Americans are coming together to convey humanity. Regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation, the outpouring of love and support for Texas victims is pushing these differences to the side, providing the left with proof that America is not the inherently racist country they’ve made it out to be.

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