Howard Dean Says Trump Is ‘Mentally Incapacitated,’ Then A Video Resurfaces

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Howard Dean had the nerve to say that President Donald Trump is “mentally incapacitated.” However, he would soon come to regret it when a 2004 video resurfaced.

President Donald Trump and Howard Dean (Screenshots from CNN and MSNBC)

This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but the pot is actually a bonafide crackpot and the kettle is one of the most effective Presidents in recent history. Howard Dean literally lost his political career due to his insanity.

Dean was the governor of Vermont and chaired the Democratic National Committee. He was a rising star in the Democratic Party, and many thought he would be president.

He ran for the party’s nomination in the 2004 presidential race and his political future looked bright. Then, this happened:

After the Iowa Caucuses, Dean gave this unhinged speech, punctuated by that infamous scream. People looked at him like he was some kind of crazy person, and that was it. His presidential bid was essentially over.

As someone who’s insanity tanked his political career, Dean feels he’s uniquely positioned to judge other people’s mental state, because that’s how crazy works. He was on MSNBC (of course) and made this assessment of President Trump:

“I actually think the president is mentally incapacitated and I have thought so for quite some time,” Dean said.

You know, that could just be some of Dean’s Trump Derangement Syndrome. Obviously, he spends a lot of time obsessing over the President, and that’s not something a mentally healthy person does.

“He says things that he knows aren’t true I suspect and that somehow he thinks that people are going to believe. And they just don’t,” Dean said.

Actually, Trump says a lot of things that Democrats don’t like, and that’s way different than lying. Dean is lying that people don’t believe what the President says, as it’s only the people on the left who have that problem.

“You can’t really make a bargain with somebody who is irrational, because they won’t keep it,” said Dean.

Trump managed hundreds if not thousands of negotiations to build his billion-dollar real estate empire. He negotiated new trade deals with Mexico and Canada. He negotiated fair tariffs with Chine and the EU. He negotiated lower oil prices with OPEC. He negotiated nuclear disarmament with North Korea. That’s not bad for a guy who Dean thinks is irrational.

Speaking of which, Dean is under the impression that the President’s own political party is on the verge of impeaching him.

“The Republicans and the Democrats in Congress have got to do the best they can to run this country in the absence of the chief executive. Until the Republicans realize they have an obligation to the country, not just their party, that’s not going to happen.”

Just in case people aren’t already convinced of Dean’s crippling mental problems, he tweeted out this thing in which he thinks it’s likely that incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will soon be the President of the United States:

Trump is not accused of any impeachable offenses and neither is VP Mike Pence. Howard Dean has a better shot at becoming president than Nancy Pelosi, and he has no chance whatsoever.

In Howard Dean’s delusional world, Donald Trump’s wildly successful presidency is a failure of leadership and Republicans will impeach him and Pence to install democrat Pelosi in the White House. That may be the craziest thing anyone has ever said. That he predicated this fantasy by calling Trump “mentally incapacitated” makes him the craziest person who ever was.

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