Huma Abedin’s DONE Covering For Hillary, Look Who She’s With Now

Real life is stranger than fiction, and that is so true when it comes to longtime Hillary Clinton best buddy and close adviser Huma Abedin. In a shocking twist, Abedin is done covering for Hillary, and now, she is taking a huge risk with her life that no one saw coming. It’s making people question her sanity while others question if Huma Abedin is finally going to spill the beans on Hillary.

In a shock to the political world, Huma Abedin is back with estranged husband Anthony Weiner. However, the story goes deeper than just a sex addict hubby getting another chance that he doesn’t deserve from his long-suffering wife. Weiner’s transgressions were with underage girls, and then, there’s the astounding background story to Huma’s allegiance to Hillary.

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Huma Abedin & Anthony Weiner

Although Weiner’s alter ego, Carlos Danger, was outed in 2013 and it was discovered that he was sexting various females since 2011, it was smack dab in the middle of the heated 2016 presidential race, when New York police crashed Weiner and Abedin’s apartment and took all of their devices, laptops, phones, and desktop computers.

Weiner’s sexting exploits being exposed during the campaign lead to Huma leaving him immediately, and it’s now known that she left him at the behest of Hillary.

As Abedin was helping to guide the campaign of her boss Hillary Clinton, Weiner was found to have … sent sext messages to a 15-year-old girl. As well as other sext messages using his toddler son as a prop.

Then Weiner contributed to what might have been the demise of Clinton’s campaign as it was his laptop that was the impetus for a new FBI investigation right before Election Day. [Source: Biz Pac Review]

Conservative reporters still speculate that Weiner’s laptop, which Huma Abedin used too, has damning evidence against Hillary.

Hillary Clinton & Huma Abedin

The New York Post reports Huma Abedin is gushing about “working hard” on their relationship. It also reports, “Another source, who worked closely with Bill and Hillary Clinton for several years [says] the breakup was ‘more for optics for the campaign and [under] pressure from Hillary’s camp.'”

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Given FBI Director James Comey’s lackluster performance and his failure to charge Hillary Clinton with any wrongdoing in the email scandal, many thought the smoking gun would be Weiner’s laptop. With over 650,000 emails coming from Abedin’s “dot-gov” account onto that laptop, who knows what is buried there? Huma knows, and she is disobeying her masters by going back to Weiner.

However, Huma Abedin’s departure from Hillary Clinton’s side in favor of Weiner is not to be commended. While it’s difficult to judge anyone’s marriage, that one disgusting picture of Weiner and their son is enough for most women to never see him again. His issue with sexting is a real sickness, and if that is what she wants, it says a lot about her and the people she surrounds herself with.

Huma knows all about Hillary breaking the law. So, now we have to wonder, if she needed to save her husband over Hillary would she? This seems to indicate that she would put him first, and this reconciliation might be making Hillary nervous.

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Here’s hoping Comey is replaced, and a new FBI director decides to go back over the 650,0000 emails. If they could find something to hold over Weiner, Huma Abedin may just step up and bail him out by turning on Hillary Clinton. It may sound odd, but it’s not as whacky as Abedin going back to that scumbag Weiner, and that’s happening. If she is that devoted to him, then it’s time to find something on that laptop to make Huma Abedin sing. Here’s hoping the good guys still in the FBI get a chance to find what we all know is there — Hillary’s Waterloo.

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