WATCH: After Hurricane Irma Hits Bahamas, Man Makes Eerie Discovery At Shoreline

A shocking video has emerged out of Long Island in the Bahamas, where one man recorded an eerie discovery that he made after Hurricane Irma destroyed everything in its path. Now, the clip has gone viral after the storm survivor shared his disturbing find with the internet.

Screenshots from the video footage. (Photo Credits: YouTube/TheRealSahilk)

According to the video uploaded to LiveLeak, the shocking discovery was made by the man in Long Island on September 9, 2017, following the super storm that hit the Bahamas. The man recording walks out to the shoreline near his home to discover that the Hurricane Irma has taken something with it — the ocean. He walks where the ocean water once was and shows his viewers that there is no sea water for as far as the eye can see.

The man recording walks out to his pier first. Any boats that were docked there are most definitely gone. The pier is seen in the video, standing there solitary with nothing but exposed ocean bed all around it. As the man walks out to look, it appears that a teenager joins him on the walk. The man recording and the teen walk together and look out at the horizon and sure enough, Hurricane Irma has taken the ocean out of sight.

In some cases, this phenomenon is indicative of a coming tsunami or tidal wave. However, in this case, its is the pressure in the hurricane’s middle that is pulling the water to its center. The water is expected to return to normal levels within a couple of days without incident.

In the clip, also uploaded to YouTube, the man recording walks a distance and sees several boat anchors still tethered to the exposed ocean floor. The boats which were anchored there were either removed before the storm or left to their own fate.

As Hurricane Irma continues on its path and makes landfall in Southern Florida first, the destructive 130 mph winds have already spawned two tornadoes. One tornado has already touched down in Oakland Park near Miami, according to the Miami Herald. Nearly 7 million people across multiple states have been evacuated in preparation for Hurricane Irma.

President Donald Trump has stationed over 1000 U.S. Marines near the Florida panhandle to carry out relief aid and rescue missions. In addition, nearly 16,000 utility technicians from across the country are ready and waiting to get power and other utilities back online after the hurricane hits.

In some areas, officials are expecting up to a 15-foot storm surge that would most definitely put any single story building under its surface. The bulk of the storm is expected to begin making landfall Sunday afternoon to early evening, according to USA Today.

Our prayers go out to the people devasted in the Caribbean Islands as they wait for help to restore their lives. In addition, as the residents of Florida evacuate from many areas considered to be in imminent danger, many of us in other parts of the country will continue to pray for their well-being and offer support to help rebuild their lives after Hurricane Irma has gone.

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