As Hurricane Irma Approaches Florida, Trump-Haters Announce Sick Plan For Its Landing

After everyone in America saw what Hurricane Harvey did to Texas, we were all stunned to learn another massive hurricane was heading towards Florida. Although most of us have been praying for it to change course or do as little damage as possible, it seems that some Trump-haters had something else in mind — and their plan is absolutely sickening.

As Hurricane Irma Approaches Florida, Trump-Haters Announce Sick Plan For It's Landing
President Donald Trump (left), Hurricane Irma (right) (Photo credit: Shawn Thew/Pool via Bloomberg, Screengrab/Weather Channel)

As Irma threatens to destroy every Caribbean island in its way as it heads towards Florida, everyone across the nation has been praying for it to shift in a different direction, fizzle out, or, if it has to hit, to cause as little damage and death as possible.

After Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of Texas, we saw most people in our country stepping up to help one another – regardless of our differences. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Trump-haters where Hurricane Irma is concerned. In fact, they’re praying that she does hit Florida, and they have one sickening reason – Donald Trump.

Yes, you read that right. Certain people in our country are praying that Irma unleashes her wrath on Florida, putting many people’s lives in danger, just to “get” Donald Trump. Perhaps the most sickening part of their wishes, according to Biz Pac Review, is the fact that they want it to ruin President Donald Trump’s beloved Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago resort.

You would think that these particular individuals would want to put people first and put politics second when it comes to survival, safety, and lives, but then again, if that were the case, they’d support Trump’s policies, which they obviously do not. Unfortunately, some Trump-hating Liberals would rather see lives lost in a natural disaster just for the opportunity to see it cripple a political figure’s property.

As people begin to brace for Irma’s arrival, childish Trump-haters have their tunnel-vision focused on the destruction of President Donald Trump. In fact, some liberal lunatics have even attempted to blame Trump for causing the hurricanes, which clearly is idiotic in itself for many reasons. Obviously, Mar-A-Lago would be fine if Trump controlled the weather. Still, that hasn’t stopped them from turning to social media to express their deepest and most sickening desires surrounding our Commander-in-Chief.

“Dear God, if you’re up there, give us a sign. Like Irma only destroying Mar a Lago. Thanks,” one Twitter user, Patrick S. Tomlinson, tweeted, while Gary the Cynic wrote, “If Hurricane IRMA has a heart it will find Mar A LAGO.” These people are horrible and aren’t even caring about the lives being put at risk as they lift up their sadistic “prayers.”

Unfortunately, it gets worse as the Trump-haters show their true, ugly character:

Of course, Irma will hit wherever it’s destined to hit, regardless of what these liberals “pray” for. While “hateful” Christians, as liberals like to call them, lift up prayers to God for others to be safe from Irma’s wrath, leftists who want nothing other than to “destroy” one of President Donald Trump’s many estates are asking God for something completely vile.

I have a good feeling that God isn’t too happy with their ungodly sentiments. They may claim to be the side of love, equality, unity, and tolerance, but God knows their heart, and it has to be pretty ugly to post such disgusting rhetoric, joking or not.

It’s time liberals grow up and start caring more about the people they share this planet with rather than trying to cram their opinions down the throat of others in the vilest way possible. If leftists in our country would just open their eyes, they would quickly discover that they’re the root of most of our problems. As for the rest of us, let’s take a moment and pray for the safety of everyone who has been and will be affected by Hurricane Irma.

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