Husband Told Young Wife To Raise Her Arms, What He Saw Had Him Calling 911

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Marinda Ledermann was only in her 20’s the day her husband told her that she needed to raise her arms. When she did as he said, what he saw had him immediately dialing 911. Now, Marinda is sharing her story, and it serves as a warning to others.

Last October, Miranda found herself suffering from a “horrible headache,” which she though was caused by “not having coffee that morning — like a caffeine withdrawal.” She woke up the following morning, feeling fine, but the reprieve from her pain would be short-lived. Later that day, her neck started to ache, and it would only get worse from there.

Marinda Ledermann

“Down the right side of my neck, that felt like it was stiff from stress,” Marinda said, describing the neck pain that had begun. However, what began to happen next would make her realize that something was seriously wrong. “My words came out all mumbled, and I couldn’t move my tongue the right way or my lips,” Marinda recalled.

Luckily, her husband was there, and with one simple request, he likely saved his wife’s life. “He told me to lift both my arms up — and I wasn’t really able to lift my left arm up, but I didn’t even notice. And he said ‘don’t panic, but I think you might be having a stroke,'” Marinda recalled.

Her husband was right. Thankfully, he called 911 right away and she was rushed to the hospital, where they determined a malformation of blood vessels in her head had indeed caused a stroke. Although she now works hard every day to overcome the devastating side effects, the 25-year-old woman is thankful to be alive, even if it means battling her way back to the body she had from something she never thought would happen to her.

If it weren’t for Marinda’s husband, the fight to recovery could have been so much worse. “You need to get to the hospital or get a 911 ambulance call as soon as possible. Every minute counts and every minute millions of neurons die,” Dr. John Lynch, Neuro Interventionalist at Froedtert Hospital and Medical College of Wisconsin, explained. Marinda’s husband’s quick thinking saved precious time, preventing further damage and even possible death.

Now, Marinda is sharing her remarkable story, since recovery hasn’t been easy, and she still has a long way to go. However, she knows it could have been worse had her husband not recognized the signs of her stroke. Now, the fighter expects the experience will be part of her life’s purpose going forward, hoping others learn from her story.

Marinda, on her road to recovery.
Marinda on her road to recovery

“When you go through something traumatic, it just makes you that much more relatable to other people,” Marinda said, according to Fox59. “So I see myself talking to other people, helping them to remain patient in whatever their trial might be.”

May is American Stroke Month, and as Marinda’s story proves, you never know when a little basic knowledge is going to save someone’s life. Strokes can happen at any age, and the best way to prevent further damage and death is to know the warning signs and symptoms, like her husband did. Thanks to the American Stroke Association, there’s an easy way to remember when it’s time to act “fast.”


When you notice facial drooping, arm weakness, or speech difficulty, it’s time to call 911. Remember, sharing is caring. You never know who could read this and help save a life by being armed with information. Marinda’s strength and determination in her recovery is no doubt remarkable, but her story could have turned out much differently without her husband’s simple intervention. We hope her story will serve to save more lives.

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