Latest ICE Raids Target Midwest, But Illegals Immigrants Weren’t Only Ones Arrested

ICE just carried out one of its largest operations in the agency’s history. It targeted the Midwest. This time around, it wasn’t just illegal immigrants who were apprehended. This will hinder illegal immigration for years to come.

ICE conducted one of its largest raids in the Midwest. (Photo Credit: ICE/Flickr)

In recent months, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been attacked by the left. It is the sole agency dedicated to protecting Americans from criminal aliens and terrorists. Democrats, naturally, want it gone.

Some have even called for prosecuting ICE agents for the work they’ve done. I guess we’ve reached peak Democrat craziness.

While liberals screech over the “injustice” of arresting and deporting illegal aliens, ICE continues its work. Vile drug cartel members have been apprehended. Criminal aliens who murder, rob, smuggle drugs, and rape children are being caught and punished. Gang members and illegal immigrants who exploit our system are being held accountable.

That’s definitely something leftists seemingly cannot stand.

Over the course of the Trump administration, ICE has conducted high-profile raids across the country. The brave men and women of ICE — despite the bad press — have risked their lives to apprehend criminal aliens from California to New York.

Recently, they conducted one of the largest operations in their history. They focused on Midwestern businesses who were using illegal immigrant labor. However, ICE wasn’t arresting illegal aliens this time. They were dropping the hammer on the business owners.

Arresting 147, a federal law enforcement operation — one of the largest in Homeland Security Investigations’ 15-year history — targeted Midwestern businesses that officials say knowingly hired — and mistreated — illegal immigrants.

The focus of the operation was unusual in that it targeted business operators for arrest. Most immigration raids have targeted workers suspected of being in the country illegally.

“The whole investigation was initiated, basically, because we knew that these businesses were cheating these workers and cheating taxpayers and cheating their competition,” Special Agent in Charge Tracy J. Cormier, HSI St. Paul, which oversees Nebraska and Minnesota, said. [Source: Fox News]

The operation took place in Nebraska and Minnesota. In all, 17 businesses and plants were raided. The owners and managers were indicted for fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering. ICE also arrested over 130 workers from those businesses for questioning and processing.

We have to remember why ending illegal immigration is so hard. If it was simply a matter of beating the Democrats, we would have done it by now. Democrats are so easy to beat. But there are far too many businesses and companies in this country who exploit illegal immigration.

American workers are cheated out of jobs. Those who do have jobs are often paid very low wages, to compete with illegal workers. That’s not to mention the many grants and subsidies these businesses get from the government. That’s your money going to help businesses that use illegal laborers.

Because of this, companies continue to support illegal immigration. And thousands of illegals flood the border — knowing they can get jobs. It doesn’t matter they are little more than slave labor. Illegal laborers are hardly treated kindly. But the prospect of leaving South America and entering the United States to earn cash is worth it to them.

“The job magnet in the United States is primarily what draws illegal aliens across our borders,” said Cormier in a statement posted to ICE’s website. “This HSI-led criminal investigation has shown that these targeted businesses were knowingly hiring illegal workers to unlawfully line their own pockets by cheating the workers, cheating the taxpayers, and cheating their business competitors.”

The businesses engaged in a scheme that used fraudulent names and Social Security numbers to employ people in the country illegally, she said. The businesses used “force, fraud, coercion, threat of arrest and/or deportation” to exploit the workers, Cormier said. The business that hired out the immigrants also forced the workers to cash their paychecks with that business for an exorbitant fee, officials said, and withheld taxes from workers’ pay without paying those taxes to the government. [Source: Fox News]

You might be upset over the many illegals who flagrantly insult our laws to come here. You might also despise Democrats and the liberal media for protecting and defending illegal immigration. But don’t forget the businesses that attract these aliens. They are the real reason this is an ongoing problem.

That’s why ICE needs to get tough with these businesses. They are not only robbing good jobs from Americans, but they are harassing and mistreating illegal aliens who should not even be here. Crackdowns like this must continue. Even with the wall up (don’t be fooled, that’s going to happen), aliens will continue to seek entry if employers will keep hiring them.

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