Idaho Gun Theif’s Heist Thwarted When Unusual ‘Secret Weapon’ Attacked

Adam Pearl investigated his gun safe and noticed scratches on it before calling the police to report the robbery of his home and attempted robbery of his guns.

Criminals will try to get a gun anyway possible, as one Idaho man found out. However, thanks to the unexpected secret weapon he kept in his home, his gun collection is safe and the burglar who attempted the heist is a little worse for wear.

Meridian, Idaho is home to many gun owners like Adam Pearl. Unfortunately, it seems there are plenty of thieves in the area as well, as Pearl found out. When he returned home one day to see fresh footprints in the snow leading to the back of his property, Pearl said he knew something wasn’t right. Once inside, Pearl also noticed that doors in his home had been flung open, several small items were missing, and there were noticeable scratches on his gun case. Pearl did notice that his gun collection appeared to be intact, however, and it is all thanks to the unknown secret weapon he kept in his home.

After noticing that his home had been robbed of a few items, Pearl called the police and officer Ashley Turner came out to take a police report detailing the missing items. Turner immediately noticed Pearl’s strange pet. Many police officers are greeted with dogs, but Turner was met with a squirrel. After the policewoman asked if the pet squirrel named Joey would bite, Pearl said he hasn’t bitten anyone yet, but he couldn’t rule it out.

Adam Pearl’s pet squirrel, Joey.

A short time later, Turner surprised Pearl by returning to his home with some of his stolen belongings. She had come across the thief who admitted that his heist was cut short by a squirrel that would not stop attacking him. 

After Turner left to investigate the crime she noticed something odd about the suspect she was questioning. He had scratches all over his hand and she asked if he got them from a squirrel. The thief said the squirrel wouldn’t stop attacking him until he left the house.

Adam Pearl rewarded his pet squirrel, Joey with Whoppers candies after attacking the thief who attempted to steal his guns.

Pearl said Joey is being rewarded for his heroism during the attempted gun heist and is enjoying his favorite Whoppers candies as a treat for helping fight off a burglar. Conventional pets like dogs have notoriously been chosen as guards for their owners’ homes, but Joey the squirrel did a decent job himself of protecting Adam Pearl’s home. Companions and guardians come in all shapes and sizes, and if Joey really did stop a gun theft, he’s truly a tiny furry hero.


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