Entire State Of Idaho Is Talking About What Ivanka Wore To An Elementary School

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On Tuesday, Ivanka Trump traveled to Wilder, Idaho, where she visited a local elementary school. However, she left the entire state talking about what she wore while interacting with children.

According to The Daily Caller, Ivanka Trump truly shined in a cream-colored skirt suit during her trip. The first daughter was visiting a local elementary school highlighting Apple’s technology.

“Visiting the Wilder School District today with Tim Cook to learn firsthand how they are preparing America’s future workforce using @Apple technology to transform the learning environment and personalize students’ educational experiences based on their unique needs and strengths!” Ivanka tweeted early in the day.

Ivanka donned a long sleeve jacket and skirt that hit just above her knees for the occasion. She completed the gorgeous look with loose hair and matching off-white high heels.

“Great being with Tim Cook in Wilder, ID today and meeting so many exemplary students, teachers and administrators. Apple’s public-private partnership illustrates the power + potential of #Tech to revolutionize education and prepare America’s students for success!” the first daughter wrote on Instagram.

Ivanka Trump visits with local schoolchildren in Wilder, Idaho. (Photo Credit: Ivanka Trump/Instagram)

“Thank you for a wonderful morning, Wilder Elementary! Your leadership and commitment to reinventing the classroom with technology is a great example of what’s possible. We are proud to support your mission,” tweeted Tim Cook.

Social media users were overwhelmingly supportive of the first daughter, noting that she is the picture of class and an excellent role model for young women, considering all that she has accomplished herself.

“She is a gorgeous woman, she is very intelligent and was running her own clothing line before she decided to work with her father and defend women’s rights and to make life better for women,” commented Facebook user Les Mulatz.

“She is a beautiful woman and seems very sweet,” added Shawn Sturgeon.

Others insinuated that Ivanka could end up as the first female president and said that her husband “Jared is a very lucky man.”

Ivanka Trump visits with local schoolchildren in Wilder, Idaho. (Photo Credit: Ivanka Trump/Instagram)

There’s no denying that we have never had a first daughter as glamorous as Ivanka Trump. Chelsea Clinton and the Obama girls could never hold a candle to her. However, Ivanka’s head-turning good looks are not even her most admirable attribute. That would have to be her unimpeachable character or her superior intellect.

Even people who loathe the president can’t help but love his oldest daughter. Take, for example, Joseph Milord, who penned an op-ed for Elite Daily titled “I Can’t Stand Donald Trump, But I Love Ivanka.”

Milord wrote:

Just to be clear, Ivanka has always been badass in more ways than one. First off, she’s a mom of three and a businesswoman at the age of 34. Daddy’s help or not, that’s to be admired.

Second, she’s bad. Like, the good kind. And she has the type of hotness that we can relate to — an acquired and merited hotness, if you will.

Let me explain: Anyone who isn’t blessed with an ungodly level of attractiveness (i.e. most of us) has looks that are like the swing states Ivanka’s father covets; they can go either way based on how stylish we are and how much swagger we have. Ivanka has both of those qualifications, all the time.

Ivanka Trump is the perfect person to be visiting schools across the country on behalf of her father’s administration. Not only is she poised and well-educated, but she is an inspiring success story. She truly has it all. Ivanka is exactly the kind of woman kids should look up to and aspire to be like in their adult lives.

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