Idiot Filmmaker Swears Only Love Can Stop ISIS, Patriots Make Him Prove It

Josh Fox (left), ISIS holds Iraqi soldier at gunpoint (right) (Photo credit: NY Daily News)

Idiot Hollywood filmmaker Josh Fox is challenging patriots to stop supporting our military and President Donald Trump because according to him only “love and hugs” will stop the most hardened terrorists. Fox was so condescending to loyal patriots in his remarks that two hardcore Irish conservatives are making him prove his ridiculous liberal hypothesis in a very real way. You’re going to love this.

Leave it to the liberal snowflakes to come up with an argument that only love and hugs will stop diabolical religious fanatics who think their god, Allah, is commanding them to kill infidels. If we only hugged them and loved them, they’d stop killing us. Josh Fox is the idiot whose tweets went viral with this message. “After U.S. forces dropped ‘the mother of all bombs’ on an ISIS tunnel complex in Afghanistan, Hollywood director Josh Fox railed against the decision to deploy the military’s largest non-nuclear device, which reportedly killed several dozen ISIS militants,” reported Fox News.

Well, that was all it took for two Irish filmmakers to come up with a plan to make him eat his words. “Filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, who have long trolled Fox for his climate change activism, want to help Fox be a part of the peace process he seeks. The duo has started a crowdfunding campaign (titled), ‘Send Josh Fox to Hug ISIS,'” reports Townhall.

According to their “Generosity” fundraising page, they have reached their goal of $2,500 dollars. Currently, they have $3,525 dollars, and that means the filmmakers have enough to pay for Fox’s airfare to Afghanistan. As they put it on their fundraising page, “[Josh Fox gets] two nights in a hotel and a dozen roses so Fox can show ISIS how much he really loves them.”

Patriots were really pissed off at Fox, and they let him know it. He hasn’t had a day’s rest since he made his idiotic claims, and now that McAleer and McElhinney have the cash to send him right smack into the center of the Islamic State, it’s only going to get worse.

It looks like Josh Fox will be getting exactly what he wished for; he’ll be able to go over and love ISIS into stopping jihad and mass murder. But, what if he wimps out and decides not to prove his own claims? “If Fox refuses the money, McAleer noted he will be exposed as a ‘hypocritical fraud.’ But, the campaign will not be for naught. The filmmaker explained that if Fox rejects them, the funds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project,” reports Townhall.

This was a brilliant response to a loudmouth snowflake, telling him to put up or shut-up. In only two days, the Irish filmmakers raised over a thousand dollars more than they needed. Maybe Josh Fox can stay indefinitely if patriots keep donating, and he could love on ISIS to his bleeding heart’s content. Of course, they might have other plans for Fox, and he has been warned of that too.

We all look forward to his trip, but if he is just a big hypocrite and refuses to go, our wounded warriors pick up a nice fat donation. It’s a win-win for those of us who love America and our awesome military. Unlike the snowflakes who live in fantasyland, we know about all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. We know no soldier has died in vain, fighting for our freedom against the evil jihadists.

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