Idiot Says Guns Have More Rights Than Girls, Suffers Brutal Taken Down

A liberal’s insanely idiotic tweet has been mercilessly sleighed by a gun enthusiast who actually knows what he is talking about, and it’s being called the “Best Pro 2nd Amendment Response Ever!” There’s just something about Twitter that seems to bring out the crazier side of progressives who type before thinking and are then made to suffer the consequences in the form of brutal public humiliation.

“As a woman, I just hope that one day I have as many rights as a gun does,” wrote a social media user and misinformed leftist named Alison. Well, it wasn’t long before the knowledgeable Cloyd Rivers took her down in epic fashion, comparing well-known gun laws to the rights actually enjoyed by women in America.

“So let me get this straight,” he wrote. “You want to be banned from polling places on the day of an election, banned from being able to enter government buildings, prohibited on school grounds, not allowed in a business if an owner doesn’t like what you are, put in a locked cage (safe) when you aren’t being used, not allowed in the passenger cabin of an airplane, and be the topic of a never ending National debate about how dangerous you are to the public and innocent people? Did I understand that correctly?”

Feast your eyes on the education of a mind-numbingly stupid liberal woman below:

The life of a gun sounds a lot like the miserable lives of women living in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, actually. What a coincidence.

It’s always fun seeing a misguided liberal get put in their place, isn’t it? Never gets old to me! They just aren’t very good at listening, employing common sense, or simply putting two and two together to form a coherent argument. The tweet above proves as much.

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