Illegal Alien Hides 13-Year-Old Runaway In His Home, Cops Sick To Learn What He Did Next

An illegal alien who has been residing in Tabaro, North Carolina, recently got busted after hiding a 13-year-old girl under his own roof after she reportedly ran away from home. When cops arrived on the scene, after learning where the girl was located, they were left sickened to learn what the man had done next — and now, the teen girl’s life is changed forever.

Illegal Alien Hides 13-Year-Old Runaway In His Home, Cops Sick To Learn What He Did Next
Kathryn Lane, where the girl was found; German Cruz Capetillo (inset) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/Google Streetview, Edgecombe County Detention Center)

It should be no surprise when illegals participate in other criminal behavior. They were willing to break our laws to get into our country, so why should we believe they will follow them once they are here? Although liberals ignore this reality in their fight to give them more rights, the fact of the matter still remains, they’re here illegally. Unfortunately, an innocent 13-year-old girl’s life is now changed forever as a result of one illegal man’s presence in our country, and even the cops were sickened by what he had done with her.

It all began when the unidentified teenage girl ran away from her home. After her parents contacted the police over her disappearance, they informed them that they believed she had gone to the home of an illegal alien, identified as German Cruz Capetillo. Unfortunately, when the Tabaro Police arrived at the home on Kathryn Lane, they found the “13-year-old sleeping inside the house with Capetillo,” according to WRAL. However, there was one other sick thing they realized – he had raped the teen girl.

What’s worse, Capatillo manipulated the entire situation to get what he wanted – the girl. Too bad for him, it is all coming back to bite him as he has now been arrested and is being held at the Edgecombe County Detention Center without bond because he is considered a flight risk.

According to Breitbart, he has been charged with statutory rape. Making matters even worse for him, following his arrest, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency were notified by local law enforcement to alert them of Capetillo’s illegal alien status. As soon as he is released from prison, whenever that may be, he will be turned over to ICE for deportation.

The world we live in is truly horrifying. Our children are being preyed on at every age, and we can’t trust anyone other than ourselves to care for them. Although they say it takes a village to raise a child, in this day and age it seems you can’t trust anyone. Clearly, this man was somehow in this young girl’s life for her to turn to him when she ran away from home, and it seems the instant she was by herself, he used her innocence against her and raped her. It’s truly sickening.

Perhaps liberals will begin to see what their idiotic and naïve ideologies have done to our country and how many people have been harmed. Too many children are being preyed on by people who shouldn’t even be within our borders. Although he may not get what he deserves, there’s no doubt that God will have something to say when he tries to enter the pearly gates. Children are a blessing from God Himself, and this monster is one of the worst for stealing a young girl’s innocence.