Illegal Alien Invites Autistic Woman In For Beer, 3 Days Of Hell Follows

The scene of the crime (left), Luis Arnold Lopez-Lara (right)

The community of Greene County Missouri has been shaken to its foundation after a 22-year-old woman with autism escaped 3 days of hellish captivity by an illegal alien who invited her in for a beer. Now, police are discovering just how horrific her tragic experience was.

According to Breitbart, Luis Arnold Lopez-Lara, an illegal immigrant, and his accomplice are accused of kidnapping a 22-year-old woman with autism and holding her against her will for three days while they raped, starved, and sexually abused her. As President Donald Trump works on securing our borders, the building of the wall cannot come fast enough, as this case proves, and the details of this woman’s horrific story are enough to make your blood boil.

According to local news reports, court documents show that the 22-year-old victim walked away from her home on the morning of April 15th, because she was upset, leaving behind a note that was not legible. The family finally located the victim on April 17th, at a nearby mobile home with two Hispanic males and a third suspect was located at an adjacent property.

The victim told law enforcement that she was held against her will for three days by the two men and provided detailed anatomical drawings to indicate that Lopez-Lara had raped her repeatedly.

According to court documents, Lopez-Lara and his accomplice, 23-year-old Helmer Alexander Erazo, whistled at the girl as she walked by and said, “Hey, pretty girl.” The victim was then invited inside for an alcoholic beverage as a third male at the home tried to warn her not to come inside.

Lopez-Lara undressed the victim and gave her different clothes to wear before sexually assaulting her several times as she tried to escape and told him to stop. The victim told police that she was drunk after Lopez-Lara gave her a beer to drink. The victim also told police that, at one time during her 3-day ordeal, she hid in the closet where Erazo found her. He reportedly pulled her out and grabbed her by the neck as he held her up against the wall. The victim said that both men threatened to kill her if she left.

The 22-year-old victim also told police that the two men starved her after trying to feed her Mexican food which she did not like and then only gave her water, chips, and a candy bar to eat.

As news of the horrific crime circulated in the community, people began to speak out. Lindsey Smith, a resident of the area said to a local news reporter, “To have it literally be in our backyard and can throw a stone at these guys is horrible.” Concerned for her own daughter’s safety, Smith added, “I haven’t let her ride the bus, I don’t want her out in the neighborhood, I don’t want her unsupervised.” Smith went on to describe how she felt about the incident, saying, “Horrible, absolutely horrible. We’ve never had anything like this go on. We’ve never felt like we really had to lock our doors, lock our cars and watch our kids at night. Just not the town I grew up in anymore.”

Smith nailed it. American patriots all know what it feels like to live in a town that isn’t like the one they grew up in. The whole country has been infiltrated with these disgusting mindless criminals from third-world hellholes who murder and rape without the slightest apprehension. Meanwhile, liberals continue screaming about the rights of illegal aliens as a pathetic last ditch effort to grow their ever shrinking voting base.

I’m tired of hearing liberals talk about how illegal immigrants are peaceful and hard working people. The bottom line is that they are in our country unlawfully and they include people like Lopez-Lara who are nothing but third-world animals. This piece of trash is on the same level as the Muslims who mutilate their little girls’ genitals without a second thought.

This bullshit has got to stop. The victim’s circumstances at home, in this case, have nothing to do with the fact that Greene County Missouri is full of violent criminal illegal aliens who need an intense visit from ICE. I can’t wait until these punks get what they deserve in prison; Lopez-Lara looks like he will make some inmate a very happy man when he hits the cell block.

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