As Illegal Alien Caravan Reaches Border, Trump Shocks Them With Nasty Surprise

The horde of illegal aliens that’s been making its way to the United States for weeks is now in the infamous border town of Tijuana, situated on the Mexican side of California’s border, just outside San Diego. Demanding entry into the U.S., the illegal alien caravan, aided by rabid Trump-hating leftists, were utterly shocked by President Donald Trump’s nasty surprise. Don’t miss this.

Illegal Aliens protesting (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Pool/Getty Images, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

It’s been in the news for weeks, an illegal alien caravan which started in Honduras was bound for the United States. Along the way, the thousands of illegals turned into hundreds, as many of the Hispanic travelers lost interest and went home. No doubt, these Hondurans didn’t start out on this caravan as their own spontaneous idea, and in the last week, it’s been uncovered that they are being backed by American leftists, illegal alien activists who want a showdown with President Trump.

In fact, Laura Ingraham reported, last night, that the caravan was all but disbanded by the Mexican authorities who deported many members of the caravan. But, with the help of CNN and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), it was pulled back together, added Ingraham, who said she got her information from “a source close to the Mexican government.”

Not only did CNN and these NGO leftist activists pull the horde back together, they recruited new members right there in Mexico, hoping for a big showdown with Trump. They even sent ACLU attorneys down to Mexico to hold seminars to “prep” the illegals, telling them to say they were under “political oppression” so they could be offered asylum in the U.S.

This brings us to the showdown in Tijuana. NPR reported yesterday, “The Department of Homeland Security says it is monitoring the caravan, promising to enforce U.S. immigration laws and accusing the migrants of having ‘the apparent intention of entering the United States illegally.'”

They add, “That is not what the caravan participants say they plan to do. They say that on Sunday, they will seek asylum, following the legal process for asking for safe harbor from persecution in their home countries.”

What persecution? You can see Ingraham’s Mexican government source was spot on. We get these people are coming from crappy third world countries, but that’s not the responsibility of the United States. The U.S. is not some fantasyland that can take in millions of people just because they live in “sh*thole” countries.

They are gaming the system, and it’s completely unfair to those of us who are American citizens. Well, never fear, President Donald Trump isn’t playing games. He just doubled down, answering these reports about what the caravan and their leftist handlers plan to do Sunday. And, he’s just shocked them with a nasty surprise.

First, Trump’s DHS says that in anticipation of asylum claims, extra immigration judges and attorneys are being sent to the Southern U.S. border. These will be hand-picked judges who won’t allow any shenanigans.

“For those seeking asylum, all individuals may be detained while their claims are adjudicated efficiently and expeditiously, and those found not to have a claim will be promptly removed from the United States,” Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen explained.

Secondly, in a letter to supporters dated April 26, 2018, Trump wrote, “I have ordered the Department of Homeland Security to STOP the caravan of illegal immigrants trying to cross our WIDE-OPEN BORDER.”

Then, he goes on to make an appeal for the wall, adding, “But that’s not enough. We need a strong, impenetrable WALL that will end this problem once and for all. I want every liberal obstructionist senator to see the names of every patriot DEMANDING that we build a wall. And I want YOU to see the names of every one of those obstructionist senators who refuses to build it despite massive calls from the American people.”

If these rabid illegal alien activists thought President Trump was just going to let them bombard the border with thousands of illegal migrants and put out the welcome mat, well, they were sadly mistaken. I’m sure they are hoping for some type of physical altercations, but that’s only going to happen if our ICE agents need to defend themselves.

Once again, the Trump-haters prove that they are the ones using poor migrants to satisfy their sick plans. They lied and promised these illegals quick entry into the U.S., knowing all along that President Trump was never going to allow that. So, who are the real racists? It’s those like CNN who are using minorities as their pawns in a political game that they can’t win.

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