Illegal Alien Deported Five Times, Obliterates A Family In Drunken Frenzy

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Illegal Alien Deported Five Times, Obliterates A Family In Drunken Frenzy
Sandra Duran died at age 42 after a 5-time deported illegal immigrant returned to the United States.

Our government failed us six times by allowing one illegal alien into our country repeatedly, even after he had been deported. Now, two children are living with the deadly consequences of failed Democratic policy.

The Duran sisters had been to church together. JoAnnie Duran was driving her 12-year-old nephew in her car when the phone rang. Her sister, Sandra, had just died, and JoAnnie felt compelled to break the news to the 12-year-old boy. His mother had been killed in a series of events that baffled many.

An illegal immigrant named Estuardo Alvarado, 45, fled the scene of an accident at a “high rate of speed.” While trying to escape the consequences of his actions, he ran a red light and smashed into the car of Sandra Duran, who had her 18-year-old son and his girlfriend with her. Duran was taken to the hospital for treatment, where she later died. Her son and his girlfriend were treated and released.

Alvarado was driving drunk, and it was not the first time. He has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving while intoxicated. He had prior DUI’s and had been deported five times prior to the tragedy that killed Sandra Duran. He had also been arrested multiple times in Los Angeles, once for resisting arrest and impeding traffic, twice for driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license. He also was cited twice for marijuana possession.

Duran’s father, Santos, spoke of the tragedy, expressing grief but also concern for other immigrants:

“It’s ruined our life. This person had DUIs and deportations,” he said. “But whatever I say now isn’t going to bring my daughter back. I worry, I worry about the people that are here already and settled here already and have families already and have their kids in school. I worry for those people.”

Knowing he was drunk and driving, Duran’s mother expressed a simple question for Alvarado: “How come you didn’t stay home? You could’ve stayed home,” she asked, sighing. “It doesn’t have to be about immigration and all this. There are people who are from here and they go out and kill other people, too. It’s not only people from Mexico or anything like that. It just happened to be that he’s from Mexico. There’s different races ….”

President Donald Trump is being called a racist for wanting to prevent illegal immigrants from returning to wreak this kind of havoc. Will stories like that of Sandra Duran help the president’s argument? Unfortunately, it seems that even the victims of the lawlessness of illegals still want to defend them. If those wishing to enter our country can’t obey the very first set of laws required to become an American, why should we think any of our other laws will matter to them once they are here?

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