Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Mollie Tibbetts Claims ‘Constitutional Rights’ Violated

Illegal alien Cristhian Bahena Rivera is now claiming his constitutional rights were violated after being interrogated for allegedly murdering 20-year-old college student Mollie Tibbetts in Brooklyn, Iowa last year. The 25-year-old  Mexican was charged after admitting to confronting and chasing down the young woman in the highly publicized case. Taxpayer dollars are used in his defense, and Americans are sounding the alarm about this horrendous case. Don’t miss this.

Cristhian Bahena Rivera and Mollie Tibbets (Photo Credit: Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Department, Facebook)

In August 2018, Bahena Rivera, a 25-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, was charged with Tibbetts’ murder after police said he admitted to confronting and chasing down the young woman.

After a nationwide search, Tibbetts’ body was found in a cornfield in Poweshiek County, Iowa. The illegal alien lived in a region of Iowa that was surrounded by sanctuary cities and worked on a dairy farm using a stolen ID and Social Security card after allegedly crossing the U.S.-Mexico border as a child.

“A 29-page motion obtained by the Des Moines Register and filed by Bahena Rivera’s defense attorneys, Chad and Jennifer Frese, claims that the illegal alien had his constitutional rights violated when local Iowa police took him in for questioning and did not make clear that he could have contacted the Mexican consulate before speaking to law enforcement,” Breitbart reports. 

It should be noted Rivera’s attorneys are a leftwing married couple. Rivera is getting a much better defense than a public defender.

Chad and Jennifer Frese, attorneys for alleged murderer Cristhian Bahena Rivera (Photo Credit: Facebook)

“Providing this information to Bahena — a confused, exhausted and vulnerable Mexican national was seeking trustworthy help — would have triggered an invocation of consular notification and a decision to await the consulate’s assistance before making any other statements,” the defense attorneys wrote in the motion.

Last year, more than 200 American taxpayers sent letters to the court saying that illegal aliens living in the U.S. do not have constitutional rights and therefore should not be awarded taxpayer money to pay for their defense.

Among other accusations, the defense attorneys said police did not read Bahena Rivera his Miranda Rights until hours into a 12-hour interview — a violation of his constitutional rights that they claim should nullify his alleged murder confession.

Bahena Rivera has “very limited Mexican education” and “wholly unfamiliar with the U.S. criminal justice system,” his attorneys wrote.

Bahena Rivera’s attorneys have sought for months to suppress his alleged murder confession and have it thrown out of the case before the trial begins on November 12.

Already, Bahena Rivera successfully got his trial date pushed back and moved his trial to a less white, more Hispanic-populated county in the state.

According to prosecutors, Bahena Rivera was the last person who saw Tibbetts jogging on the evening of July 18 in Brooklyn, Iowa, security camera footage reveals. That is the night Tibbetts went missing.

The illegal alien told police that Tibbetts was jogging when he saw her, according to prosecutors. That is when he said he approached Tibbetts and started talking to her. After Tibbetts told Bahena Rivera that she would call the police if he did not stop following her, the illegal alien allegedly chased her and says he “blacked out” after this.

Police believe Bahena Rivera stabbed Tibbetts to death, then drove to a cornfield where prosecutors say he placed corn stalks over her to hide her body. The illegal alien has been held on a $5 million bond.

Americans are outraged and sounded off on social media.

“The Democrats have shown they do not respect the law to a point where illegals believe they have the rights of American citizens. Democrats set exactly the wrong image to follow for all; legal or illegal,” tweeted Ed Finan.

“What about the victim’s constitutional rights to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?” tweeted “anti-ManBearPig.”

“Call AOC, she can help this ‘immigrant,’ get him a good lawyer, get his charges dropped and put him up at her place. If she doesn’t have room I’m sure Pelosi or one of the other Dems will be happy to help him out,” tweeted Elizabeth George.

It’s really rich that the attorneys are worried about Rivera’s rights being violated when their client doesn’t respect (allegedly) Mollie’s right to life.

That they would cite his impoverished life in Mexico as a reason he was driven (allegedly) to stab and murder a young woman is also taking it a tad too far. How does his ethnicity or income have anything to do with (allegedly) committing such a heinous crime?

Lastly, the (alleged) murderer does not enjoy our Constitutional rights, and ironically thanks to his highly publicized case he has better attorneys than most Americans could ever pay for even as We the People are the ones paying for his defense.

The leftwing attorneys are making this about politics pushing the poor impoverished illegal alien talking points. Rivera’s Facebook postings show his lifestyle was not impoverished. It’s high time to move away from politicizing this case and let’s stick to the facts on what happened to Mollie Tibbets on the sad day she was found stabbed to death.

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