Illegal Alien Rapes Girl, Cops Horrified By What Else He Did During Attack

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A Las Vegas illegal alien is behind bars today after cornering a little, 4-year-old girl and raping her. Unfortunately, he initially was able to get away with it, but things would eventually take a turn as his mid-rape practice was revealed — and even the cops were left horrified to hear what else he had done during the sickening assault.

Illegal Alien Rapes Girl, Cops Horrified By What He Did Between Thrusts
Julio Cesar Medrano (left), a stock image to visually represent a girl in the hospital (right)

Although Julio Cesar Medrano’s home country is currently unknown by law enforcement at this time, officials do know enough about the 23-year-old to say that he is in this country illegally. After crossing the border without permission, the criminal made his way to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he settled down.

Although the left would have you believe that every single person coming into America in this fashion is just someone looking for a better life, Medrano is proof of the exact opposite. In fact, it wasn’t long after he made the popular U.S. city his home that he did the unimaginable.

According to Las Vegas Review-Journal, the illegal alien was able to get some private, alone time with a 4-year-old and used it to take advantage of her. Police reports indicate that he raped the little child on April 3rd and most likely used a knife to threaten the girl while doing it.

For about three weeks, the man was able to get away with the sick and horrendous crime, but his life as a free man was slowly coming to an end. Come to find out, it was the man’s sick, mid-rape practice that would be his undoing.

The Gateway Pundit explains that on April 21st, an unnamed woman was looking through the illegal alien’s phone when she stumbled across a 30-second clip. As it turns out, Medrano had actually recorded a video of himself raping the little girl so that he could relive the atrocity in the future at any time.

As one would imagine, even police were horrified to see the video and arrested the pervert on the same day that the clip was brought to their attention. Even better yet, Medrano accidentally showed a portion of his body – his hand that had a unique tattoo – in the recording which detectives were able to directly link to the man and secured an arrest warrant.

The vile monster, currently booked under his alias “Julio Rodriguez,” is looking at quite some time in prison as officials are throwing the book at him. According to reports, it looks like the prosecutor is trying to make an example out of him:

The Clark County Detention Center’s online database indicates that Medrano, who is lodged in the jail under his alias, Rodriguez, has been charged with seven criminal counts, including sexual assault against a child younger than 14; producing and possessing child pornography; child abuse or neglect; possession of a dangerous weapon and carrying a concealed knife without a permit. [Source: Mail Online]

Liberals better get their heads on straight because this is only going to happen more and more as they allow these people to come into and remain in the country illegally. Of course, the only reason they’re willing to do so right now is because it’s not their families, daughters, sisters, or mothers being raped.

Instead, those being victimized are merely viewed as acceptable “collateral damage” in the name of “progress.” If these savages were targeting the families of the left, my guess is that so-called “progressives” wouldn’t be so keen on keeping them here – and they may want to start looking at things that way before it does happen to them. After all, it’s only a matter of time.