Expert: ‘Only Matter Of Time Before Illegal Alien Voting Expanded’ — Democrats Regret It

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One voter fraud expert claims “it’s only a matter of time” before Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi lead the way for illegal immigrants to vote in the presidential elections. Well, immediately the Democrats regretted their big scheme. Don’t miss this.

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Elected Democrats will soon attempt to expand voting rights in deep blue states for illegal aliens, an election fraud expert says.

Last week, Democrats in New York state approved and signed into law a plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens with the backing of the business lobby. The law allows for the state’s 725,000-strong illegal alien population to be eligible for the same driver’s license that American citizens are afforded.

Already, state officials have said the law will effectively give illegal aliens the ability to vote as New York registers citizens to vote at state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices.

Government Accountability Institute (GAI) Director of Research Eric Eggers exclusively told Breitbart News that the new law in New York indicates that it is “only a matter of time” before elected Democrats in states like California, New York, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Maryland expand voting rights for illegal aliens.

“This is the first step towards the expansion of a number of things that normalize the rights of illegal aliens,” Eggers said. “It’s only a matter of time before we see the expansion of illegal alien voting in state elections and eventually the Left pushing for illegal alien voting in federal elections,” he continued.

Eggers said there are two scenarios to which illegal aliens may register to vote in New York.

The first is illegal aliens knowingly registering to vote at the DMV by fraudulently claiming that they are eligible to vote.

“We’re now trusting illegal aliens’ honor not to register to vote,” Eggers said.

The second case is where the state’s Democrat officials exploit illegal aliens by coercing them to register to vote without them truly understanding that it is illegal.

“My research shows that illegals get caught up in this by parties that exploit and victimize illegal aliens,” Eggers said.

Florida immigration attorney Liz Ricci told Breitbart News that she has had clients get caught up in the easily accessible voting registration system and suffered the consequences in return.

“I’ve had other clients who were denied naturalization because of this,” Ricci said.

The New York effort to add hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to the state’s driver’s license rolls comes just before the 2020 presidential election, a calculated move by the Democrat National Committee (DNC), according to Eggers.

“The Democrats are doing this right in time for 2020,” Eggers said. “We know that [DNC Chairman] Tom Perez has been advocating for this — the expansion of voting rights to illegal aliens.”

The New York law will “potentially increase” the voting impact of illegal aliens across the state and thus diluting the votes of American citizens, Eggers said.

California, where illegals also can obtain drivers licenses already has a voter fraud problem. Last year, the California DMV admitted that it had registered 1,500 non-eligible voters, including noncitizens, over the course of just six months.

Californian Justin Ryland said, “California has the fraud down to a science, you can get registered for ballot by mail by hitting a couple of buttons, it’s integrated into the driver’s license process.”

Well, American patriots are livid, and rightly so. 

“This is insane. People that don’t belong here get to vote!? I’d ask what would be the point of being called a citizen, but that’s exactly what the left wants,” tweeted Twitter user “Evando.”

“Sorry…I don’t get this. Non-citizens voting as they’ve got a friggin’ drivers license in NY? If they are ‘illegal’ how in gods name are they able to get a license? This just looks like a cynical approach to harvesting votes,” tweeted Richard Hicks.

“U don’t have to be a so called Expert to know that illegals have been voting already! Hell didn’t these experts see the midterm elections?? All counting and recounting finding more Votes than Voters? Why Do these experts think the Dem Controlled States are giving illegals DriversLnc,” tweeted Twitter user “Doc T.”

This is really happening. Why do you think the Democrats are all for moving illegal immigrants into certain states? This is also why they love the border crisis.

The more the merrier. The huge caravans cross into the US, then they are met by Democratic non-governmental agencies who bus them into red states hoping to change the make-up of the electorate in time. It’s a racket at this point. We cannot allow the Democrats to hold power. Trump must be re-elected to ensure this disaster never becomes our reality.

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