Illegal Aliens FREAK When They See Nasty Surprise Trump Has Waiting At Border

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Illegal aliens, marching through Mexico toward the U.S. border, are freaking out after seeing the nasty surprise President Donald Trump has waiting for them. Democrats are going to need a new way to get voters after this.

President Donald Trump (left), Screenshot from live video footage of immigrant caravan in Mexico (Photo Credit: YouTube/CNN/AP)

According to Politico, President Donald Trump said on Tuesday, “We are going to be guarding our border with our military.” The shocking announcement about Trump’s new plan came during a White House meeting with the leaders of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

In my opinion, it’s about time that Trump sent our military to guard the border. Not only did he reveal his plan to have military personnel guard the U.S.-Mexico border, but the President also indicated how long he intends to keep them there.

“Mexico, if you look at the caravan of thousands of people coming across, I told Mexico, ‘Look, you have a cash cow in NAFTA.’ NAFTA’s been great for Mexico. It has not been good for the United States. A lot of businesses have closed down because of NAFTA. You look at empty plants all over the place, and this is from years ago, they still haven’t recovered. NAFTA’s been a terrible deal for the United States. We’re renegotiating the deal right now,” Trump said.

“But it will still be good for Mexico and for Canada. And, when this caravan came in, and this is a caravan of a lot of people coming in and, in this case, from Honduras. If it reaches our border, our laws are so weak and so pathetic, you would not understand this because I know how strong your laws are at the border,” Trump remarked to the leaders of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Then, Trump tells it like it is. “It’s like we have no border because we had Obama make changes. President Obama made changes that basically created no border. It’s called catch and release. You catch them, you register them, they go into our country. We can’t throw them out, and in many cases, they shouldn’t be here. Many, many cases they shouldn’t be here, and after they get whatever happens over the next two or three years, they’re supposed to come back to court. Almost nobody comes back to court,” Trump continued.

“They’re in our country, and we can’t do anything about it because the laws that were created by Democrats are so pathetic and so weak. So, I told Mexico, and I respect what they did, I said, ‘Look, your laws are very powerful. Your laws are very strong. We have very bad laws for our border.’ And, we are going to be doing some things — I’ve been speaking with General Mattis,” Trump added.

We’re going to be doing things militarily until we can have a wall and proper security, we’re going to be guarding our border with the military. That’s a big step. We really haven’t done that before or certainly not very much before. But, we will be doing things with Mexico, and they have to do it. Otherwise, I’m not going to do the NAFTA deal,” Trump said, according to Daily Caller.

This is tremendously good news for millions of American patriots who have been waiting for President Donald Trump to make a move and use his executive power to secure our borders and deliver the level of security to our citizens that we deserve.

In contrast, the Democrats who have blatantly admitted that they like the idea of vast numbers of illegal aliens coming over the border to replace their voting base must be freaking out about Trump’s announcement. Our military will ensure that the steady flow of future Democrat voters coming up from places like Mexico and Honduras comes to an abrupt end.

It’s time for Americans to realize that Democrats have been slowly taking away our ability to provide a prosperous future for our children with their radical and destructive liberal immigration policies. We can’t afford to waste another minute letting illegals flood our country. Once again, Trump is delivering on a huge promise to make America safe again as he kicks Immigration and Customs Enforcement activities into overdrive and now places our military at the border. Thank God for Trump.

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