Entitled Illegal Aliens Organize Protest, Trump Sends Perfect ‘Surprise’

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Entitled Illegal Aliens Organize Trump Protest, He Sends Perfect 'Surprise'
While illegal aliens and Democrat activists Enrique “Kike” Balcazar (center) and Zully Palacios were advocating against President Donald Trump’s anti-illegal immigration policies, they quickly realized they weren’t as entitled to citizen rights as they thought. (Photo source: VT Digger, Time)

After Democrat illegal aliens succeeded in pressuring the state government to give them driver’s licenses, a pair of criminal migrant activists turned their attention to President Donald Trump. However, shortly after protesting Trump’s policies, the entitled illegals quickly regretted making their unconstitutional demands in the first place.

Under Barack Obama, illegals were empowered to flout our nation’s laws. In fact, they were so fearless of receiving justice for their criminal behavior that they could be found boasting of their illegal status at protests, in the voting booths, and even at the Democratic National Convention. Now that Trump’s in office, they’re quickly learning that the time they’ve spent spitting on our federal legislation is coming to an abrupt end.

For years, the privilege of 24-year-old Enrique “Kike” Balcazar, a native of Mexico, and 23-year-old Zully Palacios, a native of Peru, have enjoyed all the rights that come with being a legal citizen of the U.S. after entering and residing in the country illegally. With the help of sympathetic Democrats, the pair joined the pro-illegal immigration group Migrant Justice and lived better than most citizen taxpayers.

In 2014, Balcazar helped illegal aliens in Vermont obtain driver’s licenses after he spearheaded activism that rewrote the state’s legislation. After the 2016 presidential election, he and Palacios joined forces to exploit American citizens’ First Amendment right to protest, openly demonstrating against our president and our nation’s immigration laws. Unfortunately for them, they realized too late that they had painted a target on their criminal backsides.

While still advocating against Trump’s immigration policies, Balcazar and Palacios were pulled over by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in unmarked police vehicles while the pair and several of their illegal alien passengers were traveling through South Burlington on Friday evening. Balcazar and Palacious, as well as their traveling companions, were arrested and placed in separate ICE vehicles before being detained at a field office in St. Albans, according to VT Digger.

While being pulled over, Balcazar managed to call Will Lambek, a Migrant Justice organizer and staunch supporter of illegal immigration. Indignant over the justified arrest of felony criminals, Lambek alleged that the move stems from none other than their political activism against the Trump administration.

“We’ve heard from other people arrested by ICE in the past that agents have been targeting (Balcazar) for some time now,” Lambek said. “It’s obvious that the local ICE office is looking to discourage immigrants in Vermont from organizing for their rights and dignity by attacking the only organization led by members of their community. They’re hoping to break the community’s spirit by targeting its leaders.”

Of course, Lambek is correct. These entitled migrant criminals expected to break our country’s laws and then believed that they deserve to be granted the inalienable rights guaranteed to American citizens. Their criminal behavior has allowed them to live privileged lives that many hardworking citizens could only dream of obtaining.

Balcazar served as a member of Attorney General TJ Donovan’s (VT-D) immigration task force despite his illegal status. When contacted by liberal activists for help in the release of Balcazar and Palacios, Donovan immediately squashed their hopes, according to the Burlington Free Press.

“The city cannot prevent federal agents from conducting their business in Vermont,” Donovan said. “There was no state action here as far as I can tell.”

In December 2016, Balcazar expressed his disdain for not only Trump but also Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, predicting that the latter’s “reign of terror” was approaching an end. Ironically, that “terror” that he and his illegal accomplices felt because of their own criminal practices was only beginning.

“The Latino community organized against Arpaio and handed him a stunning defeat on election night. With Arpaio’s reign of terror coming to an end, his defeat shows us that when communities organize and persevere, they can topple tyrants,” Balcazar wrote.

While breaking our laws, they had the audacity to think they should be allowed to demand our laws be changed. Thankfully, Trump isn’t rewarding this flagrant lawbreaking and blatant dispensation. In any other country, illegal immigration is punished to the fullest extent of the law. It is refreshing to see America reinforcing her fair and vital legislation once again.

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