LOOK What Happened To Illegal Immigrant After Cop Ends Up Dead

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LOOK What Trump Did To Illegal And His Anchor Babies After He Killed A Cop
President Donald Trump (left), Francisco Portillo-Fuentes and his “anchor babies” (center), and fallen Nassau County Sheriff Deputy Eric Oliver (right)

An illegal alien just got the smirk wiped off his face after a Florida police officer was killed. Unfortunately for him, it seems that President Donald Trump’s policies are more than ready to handle punks like this when their crimes come to light. Now, this illegal immigrant is getting the worst news of his life — and his family even got caught up in the ensuing chaos.

Francisco Portillo-Fuentes was running from Deputy Eric Oliver of the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office when things took a horrific turn. According to reports, Deputy Oliver had chased the fleeing illegal alien into the road, where he was tragically struck and killed by a passing car.

Currently, Portillo-Fuentes is spending his days behind bars, and he is looking at remaining there for 2 years once he is sentenced. Unlike what we would have expected under Barack Obama’s reign, once he pays for his crimes, the illegal alien is going to be sent back home to his country of El Salvador and won’t be able to return, and we likely have President Donald Trump, who is willing to enforce our nation’s laws, to thank for it – but that’s not even the best part.

LOOK What Trump Did To Illegal And His Anchor Babies After He Killed A Cop
Francisco Portillo-Fuentes and his wife Viviana Portillo

As First Coast News explains, Viviana Portillo, Portillo-Fuentes’s wife and a native Texan, says that she will be joining him when he’s forced to leave the country. Even better yet, she’ll be taking the illegal alien’s 3 anchor babies that he had here in America with her.

“The only reason he came over here was for me and my kids. … I’m willing to pack up my stuff,” she explained. “I would do anything for my husband.” Of course, both she and the criminal’s attorney argue that he didn’t mean to hurt Deputy Oliver, but that doesn’t really change the situation any, does it?

LOOK What Trump Did To Illegal And His Anchor Babies After He Killed A Cop
Francisco Portillo-Fuentes and one of his children, who was born in the United States

An officer was killed on account of the actions of a man who should never have been in this country in the first place. Unfortunately, that’s the reality that former President Barack Obama made for this country and the officer’s family – but it won’t be that way for long.

With President Donald Trump now at the helm, illegal aliens will be sent home in droves, and rightfully so. The point is real simple; if you want to be here, then gain entry legally. Respect our laws not only when you live here, but on your way here as well. It’s time that the excuses stop and everyone held to the same standard again. How many more innocent lives must be lost before the left understands that?