Illegal Brutally Raped Little Sister, Then Police Discover Who Watched

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Diego Tomas-Tomas (left), stock image little girl (right)

Authorities with the Chattanooga Police Department recently arrested Guatemalan National Diego Tomas-Tomas, 19, and charged him with the brutal rape of his 8-year-old stepsister. Police officers were sickened to learn who else was in the room during the rape and frustrated with liberals who are trying to defend illegals’ right to stay in the U.S. You’ll be pissed off as this criminal is trying to game our system. This has got to stop.

Police first learned of a potential rape case back in June 2016 after they received a report through an abuse hotline. The then-8-year-old little girl gave a descriptive account of the assault, but authorities ran up against liberal roadblocks, trying to find out where she was located, with the status of the rapist unknown because he was here illegally.

Finally, police tracked down the suspect’s uncle, who led them to the criminal. Tomas admitted to the rape, giving sick details and shocking police with who he said was watching the whole sick act. Breitbart reports, “She [the 8-year-old victim] said that Tomas allegedly performed the violent sexual acts in the presence of their shared siblings.”

The outlet adds, “During the interview, he reportedly admitted to raping his stepsister and stated that he knew it was wrong. Tomas’ statement to investigators was consistent with the account given by the victim and her younger brothers. Tomas was placed under arrest and transported to the Hamilton County Jail.”

Tomas told police that he “knew it was wrong.” Here is the problem with illegal aliens being in the U.S. with the liberal bleeding hearts telling them to never talk to police and giving them the advice to make their residences unknown. The little girl was raped and called the abuse hotline in June 2016, yet police could not find out where she was located, even though they had the name of her rapist.

Not only that, but how many more rapes did he commit between June 2016 until they finally arrested him in April 2017? This little girl had to live ten more horrendous months with the man who admits that he raped her.

Liberals are defending Tomas as a “DREAMer” under Barack Obama’s “Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals” or DACA executive order. Although President Donald Trump has not rescinded DACA yet, he has made it clear that all felons need to be deported.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is especially not sympathetic to DACA recipients as he told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that “everyone that enters the country unlawfully is subject to being deported.” It’s the felons who fall between the cracks of our system who go on to cause so much harm.

Kate Steinle would still be alive today if San Francisco wasn’t a liberal haven for illegal aliens. The man who murdered her did so after law enforcement agencies adhered to San Francisco’s status as a sanctuary city.

“The case [Steinle’s] ignited a firestorm at the time because of the suspect’s immigration history and San Francisco’s status as a sanctuary city — notifying ICE about suspected undocumented immigrants only in the case of violent crimes,” reported ABC News. “Kate’s death was both foreseeable and preventable had the law enforcement agencies, officials and/or officers involved simply followed the laws…which they swore to uphold, the [parents] complaint said.”

This is why the illegal alien crisis must be confronted. This little girl probably endured months of rape at the hands of this monster, her own stepbrother, because liberals are protecting the wrong people. It’s got to stop. It’s time to untie our law enforcement agencies who are bound by the liberal loons and their ridiculous sanctuary cities.

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