Illegal Decapitates Mom Because He ‘Felt Like It,’ What Judge Lets Him Do Is Even Sicker

A man who was in the United States illegally and living in North Carolina decapitated his mother because “he felt like it.” Although the sick man was initially charged with first-degree murder, what the judge lets him do next is even sicker than what he did to his mother.

Illegal Decapitates Mom Because He 'Felt Like It,' What Judge Lets Him Do Is Even Sicker
Oliver Mauricio Funes-Machado (left), the courtroom (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/WRAL)

After stabbing his mother “like eight times,” Oliver Mauricio Funes-Machado, 18, decided to take matters even further and decapitated Yesenia Funes Beatriz Machado “because he felt like it.” As he walked out of his home, carrying a knife in one hand and the severed human head of his own mother in the other, he coldly admitted to a 911 dispatcher what he had done and waited for police to come, according to Fox News.

When deputies arrived on the scene in March, they found Funes-Machado calmly walking out of his home, as well as two innocent children left inside with Yesenia’s body. Thankfully, the children were physically unharmed, but it is very likely that they will be suffering emotional trauma for many years from what they witnessed as a result of Funes-Machado’s sick and disturbing act.

Since then, Funes-Machado’s public defender, Boyd Sturges, has been working hard, fighting for Funes-Machado, describing him as a “pretty profoundly disturbed young man,” according to Blue Lives Matter. In fact, after a group of doctors from Central Regional Hospital evaluated the sick man, what the judge did next is even sicker – his charges were dropped.

Evidently, as a result of his public defender’s argument and the doctor’s evaluation, the judge was concerned over Funes-Machado’s mental state. In fact, the judge ruled that Funes-Machado wasn’t competent to stand trial. So, instead of facing the death penalty as he should, this judge is letting him live out his years at a mental health facility instead — which will be on the taxpayer’s dime, of course.

During the investigation of Funes-Machado, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed that Funes-Machado is an illegal immigrant from Honduras. He had been attending Rolesville High School as a student in 2016 but stopped going entirely sometime before the murder of his mother.

Now that the judge has dropped the murder charge for Funes-Machado, he will be involuntarily committed to a currently unknown facility. However, according to Sturges, if there comes a time when his client is found to be competent to stand trial, he’ll be re-charged.

This man’s “incompetence” should have no push or pull on his charges. He murdered his mother in one of the vilest ways possible and was aware of what he did at the time. In addition to decapitating his own mother, he scarred two innocent children for the rest of their lives. Yes, it takes a very mentally ill person to commit such a crime, but that mental illness shouldn’t excuse him from the appropriate punishment, and it’s a shame that the judge even considered such a possibility.

“Mentally ill,” “incompetent,” or not, there’s only one way to handle monsters such as Funes-Machado, and that’s the death penalty. This man will now be a drain on our system, receiving “treatment” in a costly inpatient mental health facility for the rest of his days when he shouldn’t have even been in our country in the first place. This is yet another illegal alien draining our resources after unlawfully entering our country and then breaking even more of our laws. Enough is enough. It’s time to build the wall and make it ten feet taller than originally intended.

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