Illegal Immigrant Found Guilty, Committed Sick Act on a Mother and Child

An illegal immigrant living in Dallas, Texas was found guilty of a series of heinous crimes. Jurors were shocked at what this woman did. It took them no time to come to their verdict.

Illegal immigrant Yesenia Sesmas was found guilty of a series of terrible crimes. (Photo Credit: Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. ICE/Flickr)

Yesenia Sesmas was an illegal immigrant living in Dallas, Texas. Like so many others, she managed to enter the United States undocumented. Yet her time in this country has far from what the liberal narrative claims.

Liberals frequently fight for illegal aliens. They claim they are innocent victims who should be allowed to stay in the United States. Democrats love victims; they are so easy to exploit. They never seem to help them get out of their victimhood, though.

Worse still, is the way liberals ignore the very real dangers created by illegal immigration. On a regular basis, drug cartels sneak across the border. They import drugs and violence into the United States. These vile criminals have zero regards for human life. On top of that, they engage in human trafficking, a.k.a: slavery.

But they aren’t the only ones that pose a serious threat to our country.

Yesenia Sesmas had been arrested once for threatening a woman and holding her daughters for ransom. That should have been the end of it. Our government, right then and there, should have deported her. But — if you could believe it — she was released by mistake, thanks to our government’s overwhelming bureaucratic incompetence.

I don’t have to tell you what happened next. Sesmas found another woman — this time with a newborn baby. She tracked her down all the way to Wichita. Sesmas killed the mother and kidnapped the child. Now, a jury has found this woman — who should have been deported long ago — guilty.

A woman who faked a pregnancy for several months was found guilty on Tuesday of killing her former co-worker and kidnapping the victim’s newborn baby with the intent to raise the child as her own.

Yesenia Sesmas, 36, an illegal immigrant who was living in Dallas at the time, drove to Wichita, Kan. to shoot 27-year-old Laura Abarca on Nov. 17, 2016, and kidnap 6-day-old Sophia Gonzales. The baby was found safe two days later in Sesmas’ Dallas apartment and was returned to relatives…

During the trial, prosecutors said that Sesmas faked a pregnancy for months after suffering a miscarriage and, when she found out Abarca had given birth, drove to Wichita to kill her and take the baby. The two women had worked together at a Wichita restaurant years earlier.

Sesmas was in the country illegally and was arrested the summer before the killing for threatening another Wichita woman and trying to hold the woman’s two daughters for ransom. But she was mistakenly released from custody because of a bureaucratic mix-up. [Source: Fox News]

Can someone please explain to me how this woman was “mistakenly released” from custody? Are our jails that inept? Can people just come and go like they are hotels? This woman threatened a mother and held her two children for ransom. Clearly, she was very dangerous. Not only should she have been thrown in jail, but psychiatric help might have been in order.

But because there was some kind of screw up (or deliberate effort by the left to let her go), Sesmas was set free to kill.

According to ICE, they received her paperwork a day late, allowing the kidnapper to get away.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said at the time it did not receive the July 25 list of arrests from the Sedgwick County sheriff’s office showing Yesenia Sesmas’ name on it until the following day, and by that time she had already been released from local custody, the Associated Press reported at the time. The agency would have asked that she be detained if Sesmas, a Mexican national, had still been in jail, a spokesman told the AP at the time. [Source: Fox News]

Hmm, doesn’t sound like a mix up at all, if you ask me. ICE received the information too late. Perhaps that was by design. It’s very possible that Sedgwick County has a few “sanctuary” people working in its office. Good job, you guys. You let a violent, dangerous illegal out of your custody. In a very short time, she did something much worse than what you arrested her for.

This is exactly why our president is so tough on immigration. Can liberals say they are happy over this case? An illegal alien murdered an innocent woman to steal her baby. That child will now have to grow up without her mother—all because Democrats want to protect criminals. It’s becoming increasingly clear who Democrats really care about. And they’re not Americans.

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