Illegal Stuck Sick Thing INSIDE Girl, Cops Excuse It For ALARMING Reason

Illegal Stuck Sick Thing INSIDE Girl, Cops Excuse It For ALARMING Reason
Hugo Javier Gallardo-Gonzalez (left) and stock image of girl in hospital (right)

After police had learned of the horrid thing an illegal alien living in Texas had stuck inside a small, 9-year-old girl, they immediately took him into custody. Unfortunately, the situation would soon take a chilling turn as the police officers in charge excused the man’s behavior for a shocking reason – and it took just 2 alarming words to do it.

It all started when police officers in Travis County, Texas heard rumors about what an illegal immigrant was doing to a young girl. After an investigation proved that Hugo Javier Gallardo-Gonzalez had raped the 9-year-old child by forcibly penetrating her several times over the past 2 years, they immediately took him in on charges of continuous sexual abuse of a child – but that’s when things got weird.

According to reports, U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement Officers (ICE) asked local officials to put a federal detainer hold on Gallardo-Gonzalez, but the Travis County Sheriff’s Office initially declined the request. Come to find out, the arresting department determined the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime did not meet the county’s requirements for honoring a federal immigration detainer hold.

Making matters worse, officers would only release two alarming words why this was the case – sanctuary city. Yes, you read that right. Officers weren’t willing to hand this guy over to federal authorities because liberal lawmakers deemed all illegals within the boundaries to be given lenient sentences.

At the end of the day, Gallardo-Gonzalez was set to be released on a lowered bond and, after forking over the cash, was merely waiting for his ankle monitor to walk out the door. Fortunately, that never turned out to be the case. While he was waiting, officials had reviewed the police affidavit in the case and saw that his charges included an aggravated sexual abuse element.

Just like that, the higher ups were able to shut the criminal’s release down and send him back to jail. Along with that, a Travis County judge agreed to increase Gallardo-Gonzalez’s bail amount from $50,000 to $250,000. However, the fact that this guy was that close to walking away as an arguably free man should be enough to terrify you.

At this point, it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the dangers that the left is posing on this country. I mean, this child rapist was going to be released for the sake of “political correctness.” It doesn’t make sense to reward those who broke the law by coming here illegally with more lenient sentences when they break even more laws.

The backward thinking here is unfathomable and only survivable from the ignorant thinking of the left. Democrats are putting our nation’s citizens at risk at this point and it has to stop. Although we’re lucky to have Donald Trump working as hard as he is, when it comes to the states, it’s going to require We the People to personally show up and stop this madness. Americans need to come first – period.

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