Smug Illegal Who Voted 5 Times During Election Gets WORST News Of Her Life

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Smug Illegal Who Voted 5 Times During Election Gets WORST News Of Her Life
Rosa Maria Ortega (left) and President Donald Trump (right)

Although the left viciously chastised President Donald Trump when he said there may be some voter fraud going on in our country, we’ve recently learned the truth. Come to find out, an illegal alien was able to vote 5 separate times here in America – and she just got the absolute worst news of her entire life.

Rosa Maria Ortega, 37, moved to this country from Mexico illegally and eventually settled in Texas. Unfortunately, it seems that crossing the border without permission wasn’t the only criminal act this woman was intent on committing as she soon decided to violate our democracy.

According to Chicago Tribune, Ortega illegally voted several times in U.S. elections despite not having the right to do so. Sadly, it seems that she made a habit of doing it until she was finally caught and stopped.

The Dallas News reported Ortega voted in the November 2012 election and May 2014 GOP primary runoff in Dallas County.

According to Fox 4 News, Ortega’s identity came into question after she tried to register to vote twice in Tarrant County. Both applications were denied.

She had voted in five elections in Dallas before her registration was canceled in April 2015. [Source: Fox News]

Unfortunately for her, it seems that getting busted was the least of her worries as she officially just got the worst news of her entire life. After being tried for her crimes, Ortega was sentenced to eight years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Even better yet, when she gets out, she’s set to be deported and my guess is, after spending all that time in a cage, she isn’t going to want to come back.

The left is really showing their true colors these days when it comes to the battles that they choose. When Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein said voter fraud may have taken place during the 2016 election, liberals were all too happy to pump in donation money to fund an investigation. However, when Donald Trump said it, they couldn’t have argued any harder against the case, proving their hypocritical mentality and partisanship.

Of course, now that we have proof that it is taking place, we won’t hear a peep out of those who were so eager to disagree with Trump, but that’s the nature of the game lately. Unfortunately for the left, these tactics will only hurt them in the long run. After all, people will only believe you for so long as every one of your arguments eventually turns out to be entirely unfounded and untrue.