Illegals Make Teacher PAY DEARLY When They See Her Pro-Trump Facebook Post

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 Illegals Make Teacher PAY DEARLY When They See Her Pro-Trump Facebook Post
When Florida teacher Veronica Fleming (left) expressed her pro-Trump views on Facebook, she had no idea she’d be a target of the illegal immigrants she supports with her tax dollars.

A female teacher was beloved at a Florida elementary school until locals found out that she was a supporter of President Donald Trump. Shortly after perusing her social media posts, the bright, young educator was forced to pay dearly for being nothing more than a hard-working, law-abiding citizen thanks to migrant lawbreakers.

Veronica Fleming was a beloved teacher at Parkside Elementary School in Naples. Although her personal beliefs had never prevented her from going above and beyond in her much-needed position, liberals simply couldn’t tolerate the thought of an independent woman with a different opinion.

Rightfully upset that many were selfishly skipping out on their jobs during the nationwide “Day Without Immigrants” protest, Fleming made a private Facebook post thanking Trump for deporting the criminal migrants who take advantage of not only taxpayers like herself but also the millions of children whose parents pay for their schooling.

“The funny part about immigrants staying home is the rest of us who pay for them are here at work like we’ve always been,” Fleming wrote. “Looks like less mouths to feed today. Have fun while you still can. So glad to hear about massive deportation. Let’s make America great again. Thanks Donald Trump!!”

Immediately, illegals and their liberal apologists were offended that Fleming would support the enforcement of America’s existing laws. As expected, the principal was informed of her private rant when parents began calling the school to complain.

The Daily Mail reports that Fleming was forced to give up her job as a computer teacher after the deputy superintendent and human resources collectively pressured her to resign. In addition, Fleming is being investigated, but the reason is unclear.

 Illegals Make Teacher PAY DEARLY When They See Her Pro-Trump Facebook Post
Fleming was forced to resign and is under investigation for supporting the legal deportation of criminal migrants.

“We greatly appreciate our parents who have communicated to the school to share concerns so that we can address this issue,” Principal Tamie Stewart said. “I want to ensure our families that this person’s individual post is not at all reflective of our school staff in any way.”

Around 96 percent of the school’s attendance is by minority students, 70 percent of whom are Latino. The school is guilty of harboring illegals while defending them over innocent school administrators, acting as a miniature sanctuary city.

Outraged, social media users flooded Daily Mail with responses, pointing out the liberal hypocrisy.

“We’re almost to Mexico kids… after we cross their border ILLEGALLY we’re gonna demand citizenship… we’re gonna demand to pay no stinkin’ taxes… we’re gonna refuse to learn their Spanish… we’re gonna demand welfare benefits… we’re gonna vote in their elections… we’re gonna demand Mexican drivers licenses… we’re gonna demand free school… we’re gonna demand free college education… we’re gonna sit in their hospitals emergency rooms and demand free medical care… then when they wise up to our scamming ways… we’re gonna MARCH in their streets waving OLD GLORY and call them a bunch of raci$t$ when they try to send us back!” one user said.

The only violation this teacher may have made was posting to social media during school hours, which didn’t even seem to be a concern for school officials. Fleming’s comments never once hurt her students or anyone else for that matter, yet she was attacked by the very people who have callously broken our laws.

At the most, Fleming should’ve been written up for posting during school hours. Unfortunately, conservatives are finding that you can’t support your country, you can’t offend criminals, and you can’t have a different opinion than leftists without suffering the undue consequences.

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