Liberals Disturbed By What Illinois Man Did Before Saving Woman With AR-15

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After seeing that a crazed thug was attacking a pregnant woman with a knife, an Illinois man grabbed his AR-15 before intervening. Fortunately, he was able to save the woman — but liberals were left disturbed to hear what the man had done before.

Man Saves Woman With AR-15, Liberals Disturbed By What He Did Before
Dave Thomas (left), his apartment complex (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

The left would like to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens and have made their intentions to do so perfectly clear. However, what they don’t want you to know is that guns are used to save lives far more often than they are used to take a life. In all, guns are used to save lives between 2 and 2.5 million times every year.

Sadly, Democrats don’t care about that or the lives of their very own constituents. Instead, all they focus on is their liberal agenda and progressing leftist policy, despite the fact that it’s actually putting people in danger. Too bad for them, examples proving their narrative wrong continue to come out on a daily basis.

In fact, one such instance just took place in Oswego, Illinois, after a deranged criminal decided to attack a pregnant woman and her husband inside of their apartment. Even worse yet, the suspect caught the two off guard and came at them with a knife — but he didn’t know who was just feet away.

Come to find out, one of the couple’s neighbors at the apartment complex, 41-year-old Dave Thomas, heard the woman scream. Going out into the hallway to investigate, you can imagine his surprise to look down and see a trail of blood leading into a neighboring unit.

Not knowing exactly what he was up against, the badass good Samaritan ran into his home, grabbed his AR-15, and rushed over to confront the suspect. Fortunately, he was able to get there before any more damage was done and confronted the assailant without hesitation. As most cowards do, the thug fled the scene after Thomas threatened to shoot him.

Too bad for the criminal, he wouldn’t get far as police quickly arrived and placed him under arrest. Officers also arrested a woman who was with the suspected attacker at the time of the incident as well. The two were later identified as Jacob Currey and Alyssa Wright. They are now both facing charges of aggravated battery and mob action. The victim has since been treated and released from an area hospital.

However, this story goes so much deeper than just a man using an AR-15 to save a life. In fact, liberals won’t be too happy after hearing the “disturbing” thing that Thomas had done before the madness of that day. You see, the good Samaritan is actually an NRA instructor.

“I teach people how to defend themselves, and it was just a reaction to grab the AR-15,” he later told the Aurora Beacon-News. “He was a half a breath away from getting his head blown off and he knew that. That’s why he put the knife down.” So, not only did Thomas use a deadly so-called “weapon of war” to successfully save the life of an innocent woman and her baby, but he also belonged to the “evil, baby-killing” NRA.

Common sense can usually destroy a liberal’s narrative, and it’s stories like this that expose their lies for what they are, using real-life scenarios. Not only did an AR-15 work just as it should for a self-defense situation, but it was because of the NRA that this man had the know-how to properly use it.

No one was shot. No one was killed. However, if it wasn’t for that AR-15, someone could have been. Liberals want you to think that AR-15s and the NRA are evil, but that’s just not the case — and this instance more than proves it.