Immigration Activists Swarm Republican, So His Colleague Reveals Her ‘Little Friend’

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Immigration activists are turning up the heat at the state level — trying to stop anti-sanctuary policies from passing. They are trying to intimidate Republicans from standing up for regular Americans. But one state senator had some bad news for these protesters. She wasn’t going to let them get too close.

Immigration activists continue to put aliens ahead of Americans. (Photo Credit: Daily Chalkupy/Flickr)

It seems like protesting is the only tactic Democrats have left. Sure, they do all they can to steal votes, come election time, but outside of that all they can do is throw temper tantrums.

They seem to think that paying people to protest is going to amount to anything. All they accomplish is annoying regular Americans. As liberal groups put on one protest after another, the collective patience of the American people grows thin.

Over the last few years, liberals have protested and rioted over everything. There was a protest at airports over President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Liberals protested ICE. Activists protested the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch.

When Harvey Weinstein was outed as a sexual predator there was — oh wait, Democrats didn’t protest then. Hmm…

Any time conservatives make progress in this country, you can bet Democrats are paying people to riot and protest.

Most recently, “immigration” activists (i.e.: illegal immigration activists) tried to stop Republicans in Virginia from passing an anti-sanctuary city bill. They ganged up on a state senator, in the hopes of intimidating him. The next day, one of his colleagues had some bad news for these bullies.

She will be packing heat.

A day after Capitol Police were called to the scene when a Republican was “swarmed” by pro-immigration activists angered by his anti-“sanctuary cities” bill, first-term State Sen. Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield) decided it was a good time to not just conceal carry, as she often does, but open carry — as a “deterrent for over-exuberant folks.”

“Sometimes it’s a deterrent for over-exuberant folks. Unfortunately in the General Assembly we see the good, we see the bad, we see all types of things,” said Chase, the Times-Dispatch reports. “It’s just for personal safety, quite honestly.”

A day earlier, Republican State Sen. Dick Black (Loudoun) told his colleagues in the Senate that he had been “swarmed” by activists apparently incensed bout his illegal immigration legislation targeting “sanctuary city” policies. The activists were “confrontational” enough that Capitol Police were called to intervene. [Source: The Daily Wire]

It seems like these activists don’t care about American citizens. They are willing to intimidate a state senator so much, that cops had to be brought in. All to prevent laws being passed that would prevent sanctuary cities from forming in Virginia.

Can you imagine that? Americans protesting laws that are meant to protect Americans. These people were willing to get potentially violent, threatening a lawmaker, in order to defend illegal aliens.

Take about having warped priorities.

These activists must have gotten pretty rough if a fellow Republican felt the need to openly carry a weapon. We shouldn’t be surprised. In recent years, aggressive liberals have assaulted conservatives numerous times. Antifa gangs have attacked peaceful demonstrations, even the elderly, that supported the president.

Liberals have physically assaulted people for wearing MAGA clothing. They have screamed, berated, insulted, and set fire to property. They have vandalized cars and homes. It’s clear there is no limit to what they will do when pushed over a progressive cause.

After all, not that long ago, an unhinged Democrat opened fire on House Republicans, nearly killing Rep. Steve Scalise.

Chase has good reason to be packing heat. Especially considering how determined Democrats are to protect illegal immigration.

Right now, the Democrats are holding the enter government hostage in a shutdown, all to prevent a simple border fence from being built. That’s how much they don’t want to fix the immigration crisis.

Attacking a few state senators is certainly a possibility. Heck, I would carry more than one gun, if I was Chase.

The bigger question remains, when will Democrats be held accountable for the shocking, disgraceful, and un-American behavior we’ve seen over the last three years?