VIDEO: Crazed Immigration Protester Foams At The Mouth, Threatens To Show Boobs

A crazed immigration protester became unhinged and started foaming at the mouth — literally — when she spied a couple of conservative reporters who were covering the “Families Belong Together” rally in Washington, D.C. As the woman’s emotions escalated, she threatened to show her boobs, insinuating that the reporters wanted to see them. Footage of the disturbing incident is pretty unbelievable.

A crazed immigration protester threatens to flash conservative reporters at the “Families Belong Together” rally in Washington, D.C. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Daily Caller/YouTube)

Stephania Hamill and Kevin Fries, both from The Daily Caller, were in Washington, D.C.’s Lafayette Square to cover the “Families Belong Together” rally being held by pro-immigration activists when they encountered a woman with some very obvious mental problems.

The unnamed woman spotted the reporters from The Daily Caller and immediately lost her mind, as they “work for the other side.”

The Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill and Kevin Fries hit the streets of Washington, D.C., to talk to people attending the “Families Belong Together” rally held at Lafayette Square. Hamill was going about her job when a rally attendee came up to her and starting verbally harassing her.

The woman was visibly upset by a pro-life group that was peacefully demonstrating at the rally with banners about abortion. The woman lashed out at the pro-life activists and also TheDC employees who happened to be in the area. The question is: whatever happened to tolerance? [Source: The Daily Caller]

“Shame on you! Shame on you!” the woman shouted at the conservative reporters.

“Daughter of an immigrant,” Hamill said calmly. “I’m just out here reporting.”

According to the unhinged leftist, though, it was unacceptable for Hamill to be doing her job. “You work for the other side!” she yelled. “While they roundup your Latina brothers and sisters, you take their money. You are the racist. You work for racists.”

“I’m just doing my job,” said Hamill.

The woman then flicked off the camera for a solid five seconds and screamed “F*** you!” before going back to spewing ugly messages, such as telling those around her to get a vasectomy or have their tubes tied. “Planned Parenthood will take care of that for ya,” she bellowed. “Let’s put your nuts in the trash,” she told one man. “Have you had a vasectomy?”

Then, in perhaps the most terrifying part of the video, the woman threatens to flash the reporters. “You want some of those?” she says, lifting up her pink shirt. “Is that what you want?”

At the end of the confrontation, the immigration protester screamed “F*** you!” and walked away.

When conservative reporters from The Daily Caller hit a pro-illegal immigration “Families Belong Together” rally at Lafayette Square, they were met with racially-charged harassment and a threat from a middle-aged woman to show her boobs, which, according to her, was what the reporters supposedly wanted.

Reporters Stephanie Hamill and Kevin Fries were on scene gathering footage from the rally when one woman was apparently upset by their presence along with a peaceful group of pro-life protesters. [Source: The Daily Wire]

So much for tolerance and acceptance! This woman couldn’t even stand to be in the presence of those who disagree with her without quite literally losing her mind. Apparently, boob-baiting is the new thing. It’s just like race-baiting, wherein a liberal labels a conservative racist instead of putting forth a logical argument. The only difference is that instead of calling your opponent racist, you threaten to show them your boobs.

This unhinged liberal in the video above is suffering from a very serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. She’s almost feral the way she was foaming at the mouth and going on about vasectomies for no apparent reason. If this is what we’re up against, 2020 is looking pretty good right about now.

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