Democrats Threaten Impeachment, Trump Unleashes Judge Jeanine As New ‘Secret Weapon’

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The Democrats are celebrating Paul Manafort’s guilty verdict, as the leftist media screams about impeachment. Now, other associates close to President Donald Trump have fallen prey to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt: Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg and National Enquirer CEO David Pecker. Mueller granted them immunity deals, digging for anything to help get the president impeached. That’s when Trump shocked them all by unleashing Judge Jeanine Pirro as his new “secret weapon.”

(Left to Right) President Donald Trump & Judge Jeanne Pirro, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters (Photo Credit: Judge Jeanine Pirro/Instagram, Alex Wong/Getty Images, ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

For months, we have waited and watched as Attorney General Jeff Sessions does nothing to counteract Robert Mueller’s bogus witch hunt. The evidence is quite clear: the real Russian collusion was done by Hillary Clinton, the DOJ, the FBI, and Barack Obama’s administration.

Yet, we see the president growing increasingly frustrated as a wimpy Sessions languishes over at the DOJ. The game Mueller is playing is to dig as deep as necessary, squeezing additional close associates of Trump and hoping that he will find something on them that will make them turn on the president.

For example, if Mueller can find something on Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg or National Enquirer CEO David Pecker, he will trade prison time if they will in any way incriminate Trump in some false charge. This isn’t about the truth, this is “impeach Trump, at any cost.”

The president is facing 17 full-time attorneys, all vicious Trump-haters on Mueller’s team. This situation may seem bleak, especially if the Democrats gain the House in the upcoming mid-terms. But never fear, Trump has a contingency plan, and it’s one he has hinted about on several occasions with Judge Jeanine Pirro as his secret weapon.

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert and popular political prognosticator, floated a theory of “mutually assured destruction” on Sunday morning: if prosecutors pursue President Donald Trump, he will make sure that Hillary Clinton and her allies go to jail.

Adams, a longtime supporter of the president, has close connections with the Trump administration. Time and time again, Adams has been way ahead of the curve, giving us tidbits of what is to come, and his accuracy rate has been quite impressive.

Breitbart reports, “Adams said that his theory explained why Trump had retained Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, even while attacking him for failing to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton, as well as members of the ‘deep state’ who had conspired to spy on the Trump campaign.”

They add, “The goal, he said, was to make sure prosecutors understood there was a ‘red line’ they could not cross — because doing so would trigger Sessions’ replacement with a prosecutor who would take down Trump’s enemies.”

Adams said, “Let me ask you this — and I’ve not seen any reporting on this: what would happen if they actually got the president on something serious? Well, between the time the president knew he was going down — and this is hypothetical, let’s imagine that they found something in his business or something that was problematic — he would have a number of months of being in power before he was technically out of office. What would he do? Well, I think he would employ ‘mutually assured destruction’ — not of the world, but of Hillary Clinton.”

It seems to me he’s setting up the situation to make it clear that if he goes down, he’s going to have plenty of time to take Hillary down. And here’s how he’d do it. Fire Jeff Sessions — and there’s tons of political blowback, but who cares? Because this would be the point where it doesn’t matter anymore. He has nothing to lose. He’s going to fire Jeff Sessions, he’s going to put somebody in — who will do nothing but take Hillary down. So it seems to me by threatening Jeff Sessions but not moving on it, he’s sending the clearest message possible that if the deep state takes him out, he’s going to take Hillary out.

I’d add Barack Obama and his cabal at the DOJ and FBI who intentionally set-up Trump with bogus FISA warrants and who were working with Hillary’s go-to British spy Christopher Steele through Fusion GPS, who was colluding with Russians — all working together to stop Trump from becoming president.

President Trump tweeted at Sessions on August 24th, “‘Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations.’ Jeff, this is GREAT, what everyone wants, so look into all of the corruption on the ‘other side’ including deleted Emails, Comey lies & leaks, Mueller conflicts, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr. FISA abuse, Christopher Steele & his phony and corrupt Dossier, the Clinton Foundation, illegal surveillance of Trump Campaign, Russian collusion by Dems – and so much more. Open up the papers & documents without redaction? Come on Jeff, you can do it, the country is waiting!”

Which brings us to Judge Jeanine Pirro. Ever since Sessions has been missing in action as Attorney General, the president has floated the idea that his choice as the next AG is Judge Jeanine, and oh boy, just the thought of Pirro must be making the Democrats meltdown like never before.

Politico reported back in June that “Pirro has repeatedly told Trump’s aides and advisers over the past 18 months that she’s interested in taking over as the nation’s top law enforcement official,” and Trump has made it clear he wants Judge Jeanine.

It sure looks like the president has been holding back, waiting just for the right time to unleash his secret weapon, Judge Jeanne Pirro, to destroy Hillary and Obama and their partners in crime, once and for all.

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